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how to make melonpan


Melonpan atau dikenal juga Melon Bun atau roti Melon adalah roti manis dari Jepang, tetapi juga populer di Taiwan dan Cina. Melonpan (roti Melon) ini pada awal mulanya tidak berwarna hijau dan tak punya rasa melon sama sekali. Roti berbentuk bundar yg dilapisi topping  bertabur gula ini diasosiasikan dengan melon karena bagian luarnya yang keras dengan tekstur retak-retak berbentuk petak-petak, sementara bagian dalamnya lembut. Untuk lebih menyesuaikan penampilan dengan namanya, Melon Pan yang beredar di pasaran sekarang ini telah mengalami berbagai modifikasi, ada yang ditambah aroma melon, diisi krim ataupun diberi warna

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Matsui Rena Drama "Housou Hakabutsukan Kikiippatsu"

Starring Matsui Rena! For the 60th year of television , the multi channels drama「Housou Hakabutsukan Kikiippatsu (「Critical Moment at the Museum of Broadcasting」)
Hakubutsukan crank in
Starring Matsui Rena! For the 60th year of television , the multi channels drama「Housou Hakabutsukan Kikiippatsu (「Critical Moment at the Museum of Broadcasting」)Third installment (?) of the popular serie where young directors of NHK drama department struggle to eradicate ghosts.This time protagonist will be a newly recruited director with a strong accent from Nagoya, Sakura Nozomi (possibly Sazou Nozomi).SKE48’s Matsui Rena will be interpreting this role with all her might.Akimoto Sayaka, Nogiwa Youko and Fujimoto Takahiro will also be part of the cast.This drama will also receive a multi-channel broadcasting. Please look forward to it!

And so today (February 17th) filming started at the Museum of Broadcasting in Minato district. (tln : “crank in” in Japanese)You’ll be updated regularly about the progression if the filming via the blog of the program crew (opening soon). In the meantime, the program home page is already online!You can also check  ツイッター(@nhk_ikemen anytime, for further information regarding the set.Program title60th year of Television Multi-channel drama 「Housou Hakabutsukan Kikiippatsu」/「Critical Moment at the Museum of Broadcasting」Day and time of broadcastingMarch 2013, 29th 00:25ActorsMatsui Rena (SKE48) Akimoto Sayaka (AKB48) Fujimoto Takahiro Nogiwa Youko Kokushou SayuriScenarioHokimoto Shinya

Third installment (?) of the popular serie where young directors of NHK drama department struggle to eradicate ghosts.

This time protagonist will be a newly recruited director with a strong accent from Nagoya, Sakura Nozomi (possibly Sazou Nozomi).

SKE48’s Matsui Rena will be interpreting this role with all her might.

Akimoto Sayaka, Nogiwa Youko and Fujimoto Takahiro will also be part of the cast.

This drama will also receive a multi-channel broadcasting. Please look forward to it!


And so today (February 17th) filming started at the Museum of Broadcasting in Minato district.

Program title
60th year of Television Multi-channel drama 「Housou Hakabutsukan Kikiippatsu」/「Critical Moment at the Museum of Broadcasting」

Day and time of broadcasting
March 2013, 29th 00:25

Matsui Rena (SKE48) Akimoto Sayaka (AKB48) Fujimoto Takahiro Nogiwa Youko Kokushou Sayuri

Hokimoto Shinya

All About Matsui Rena

Full Name: Matsui Rena
Age: 21 
Birth date:  27\07\1991
Birthplace:  Aichi prefecture
Blood Type:  O
Height:  162cm
Three Sizes:  B74 W52 H82
Generation: SKE48 1st
TeamTeam S 


1st Senbatsu Election 29th place
2nd Senbatsu Election 11th place
3rd Senbatsu Election 10th place 

4th Senbatsu Election 10th place

5th Senbatsu Election 7th place


  • She’s one of SKE48’s central members. She and Matsui Jurina are SKE48’s Aces. Her first AKB48 Senbatsu was that of 10nen Zakura and after that she was chosen several other times. As for SKE48, she keeps being part of the Senbatsu for every single.
  • Her catchphrase is [The spell won’t be removed until midnight and I won’t take of my glass shoes. I’m SKE’s Kasumisou, Matsui Rena, 21 years old].
  • Formerly, she used [Recchuun! Gecchuun! Foochuun! SKE’s Kasumisou] and [The smiles treasure hunter].
  • She often says [Chuun] because she likes the feeling of the word.
  • As for the origins of it “Truth is, it has to do with Yuuka-tan’s nickname, so I ideated it. But it was more something like a joint development, I guess…I don’t even remember when I created it!”.
  • Since her waist is extremely thin and she’s fair skinned, SKE members started calling her Moyashi or Moyashikko. She doesn’t gain weight because she walks often, she pays attention to her posture and tries to move proportionally to how much she eats. One may think hers was a life full of injuries, but surprisingly she even never had a bone fracture. She had problems with her back, but her condition has now recovered, compared to the past. When she was hospitalized someone told her “It really suits you. It would be probably better for you to stay in hospital forever”. Among her Stage units there are a lot of negative songs, expecially [Ame no Pianist], that at that time was called [The 3 days left to live Pianist]
  • Her charm point is…”My forehead? More than a charm point, it’s my weak point! But somehow…I don’t hate it. In 『Gomen ne, Summer』’s PV: “When I watched the complete PV for the first time I noticed how  my forehead is completely visible in the scene where I’m running. (bitter smile). I felt uneasy thinking that the people watching it may think [Ah, this girl’s forhead is huge!] (laugh). I should’ve ran paying more attention to my bangs! (bitter smile).
  • Personal Note: According to Rena, her charm point is her collarbone, as she revealed in an interview for warpABC. (source) Also, she actually used to have a complex regarding her forehead. (AKBINGO! SKE vs AKB episodes)
  • Her appeal point: “Being able to frequently change expressions during Stages. I always try to become the people inside the songs.
  • Her weak point is her forhead and the fact that she starts getting sleepy as soon as it’s midnight.
  • About the differences between SKE48 and AKB48. “I think the skills they have are different. AKB48 members can dance and sing well,their movements are smooth and beautiful.  On the contrary, SKE48 has still a long way to go both for the dance and the singing part. Everyone of us is aware of that so, anyway, we’re reckless. I think that’s the big difference. We do our best as well, while singing at dancing, but I think we should work more on the expressions. We should feel like giving everything we have and to properly think about the colours and expressions of every song, during our performances”.
  • Being part of AKB Senbatsu she spend a lot of times with them, but according to Takamina: “She basically says nothing, she’s really quiet and during lessons she practise blandly. I’m worried she may end up dying in solitude or something!”
  • Personal Note: Rena justified herself saying her having problems interacting with AKB members is mostly caused - aside from her normal shyness -  by the fact that she’s a former AKB huge fan. (from MuJack Special - 04\05\2012)
  • If she were to give herself a grade from 1 to 10, it would be 2. “Because if I make it low, I can think I have more and more to do”
  • Her dream for the future is to become an actress. “I’d like to play roles only nobody could play but me, and to become a wonderful actress”.


  • Her birthplace is said to be the Aichi prefecture, but to be more accurate she was born in her mother’s hometown, in Hyougo prefecture. Her house in Aichi is pretty central and far from the countryside, so it’s possible to reach the Shizuoka prefecture with just 30 minutes by car.
  • About the origins of her name. “It would get long so let me put it simply. 玲奈 should be read as Reina, but since  Rei  can also mean Zero, being a bad omen, they chose Rena as the reading for the name.”.
  • She had a few hair ever since she was born, so she almost didn’t have to cut them. To her, sleeping was more important than eating, so before her name was decided a nurse from the hospital used to call her “Matsui Family’s sleeping beauty”.
  • Since her parents were both working, before entering primary school she attended a nursery school. She used to be pretty sociable at that time and she even looked after the younger kids.
  • She changed schools on her 2nd year of primary school. The new school was full of precocious kids and among the girls there used to be a lot of bullying and malicious gossip. It’s at that time that she became more shy. Due to her parents’ excessive care, she wasn’t able to go and play at friends’ houses and she had a very early curfew. So she started playing in her own house more and more and, probably also because of her brother’s influence, she started walking in the Otaku world, full of Anime, shounen manga and games. 
  • By the way, when she was asked the question [If you were able to turn back, when would you turn back?] she said she’d like to turn back to her 2nd year of primary school. 「I got incredibly shy after that, so I’d really like to know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t changed schools”.
  • She hates exercise, so she joined the Wind music club. She roughly played trombone, trumpet, xylophone, metallophone and other instruments.
  • She experienced her first love during her primary school. It was Final Fantasy 10’s main character, TIdus. She wanted to become Yuuna, the heroine and she uses her name for other games. Most of her friends liked 2D as well, so she didn’t feel uneasy to have a game character as her first love.
  • During middle school, for some reason she joined the Kendo club. “I had memories of myself as a child, playing at sword fights in a dojo. Also, I thought that the Hakama was cool (laugh). However, I wasn’t able to collaborate positivelly with the adviser so I ended up quitting. That’s a pity, since I really did my best, I even got ranked 3rd during the individual matches…
  • (WIKI) She started being interested in Kendo because she likes wearing Kimono and wanted wo wear a Hakama. When, during her middle school period, she went to watch a march, seeing how a girl was fighting at the same level against a boy, she thought she wanted to become stronger as well, and joined the Kendo Club.
  • In the beginning, her grades were very good, but after she started focusing on 2D, they fell considerably. Her middle school period was mostly about anime appreciation meetings at home with her friends.
  • It was at that period that she knew about AKB48. Watching them performing Skirt Hirari at Music Station she thought they somehow were 2Dish and their choreography was something new, so she started being interested in them.
  • She wanted to take AKB Kenkyuusei’s auditions but, being unable to reach Tokyo, she had to give up.
  • (WIKI) In high school she was part of the Acting Club and she also happened to be in charge of the direction.
  • (WIKI)Her opportunity to enter SKE48 only came because, checking every day AKB’s official site, she happened to see the announce for SKE auditions.


  • The SKE member she’s closer to is Hirata Rikako.
  • “Everyone who’s friendly with me”. “I’d like to cure my shyness and become able to say that I’m close to everyone”.  The first member she got close to was Takai Tsukina (graduated): “She came to me like a puppy and was really cute.”
  • The member she likes the most is Furukawa Airi. As their mail notification sound they have each other’s voice and members started calling them disgusting.
  • Personal Note: Not only the mail notification sounds, but also their display pics… (mentioned in different shows - Ittekoi 48, SKE Gakuen, Happy Holic etc…and in various Rena blog entries, like this ->source)
  • A member she gets along well with is…”Getting along…Churi, I guess?”
  • The member she respects the most is Nakanishi Yuuka. “Because I feel how she has guts!”.
  • The member she feels as her rival is…” Myself. I think that before wanting to exceed someone else, I should exceed myself first”.
  • The member she’d like to become is Deguchi Aki. “She does everything at her own pace, she’s really free. Just watching how she’s laid back makes me feel relaxed. Also, she’s really good at singing so I admire her”.
  • If she wer to be reborn, she’d like to be Ooshima Yuuko or Kinoshita Yukiko for SKE48.  Because, unlike her, they’re cheerful and they always have a high tension.
  • (WIKI)Since they share the same surname, people often refer to her and Matsui Jurina as “wMatsui” or “JR”.
  • The member she’s been told has a similar chara is Suda Akari.
  • The member she’d like to say something to is Kuwabara Mizuki, because, being unable to understand when she’s serious or when she’s joking, she wants her to be more careful to what she says. Regarding Suda Akari, Kuwabara said “Everything about you is calculated, right?” and listening to that Rena got nervous, so when Kuwabara said the same thing to her, she seriously got angry with her.
  • To the question “What AKB member you’d like to share a hotel room with?” she answered “It has nothing to do with me, so I think I’d be okay with everyone”.
  • When asked what part of Jurina she’d like to change she said: “I thought about it for 5 minutes but…nothing. Jurina is Jurina because of every part of her”.
  • The AKB members she’s close with are Takajou Aki, Komori Mika, Sashihara Rino. She’s also close to Watanabe Mayu who, just like her, likes Sound Horizon. She feels like she could become closer to Kashiwagi Yuki, because they kinda have the same aura about them.
  • Personal Note: The Takajou\Komori info is pretty old (2010). I honestly think she wouldn’t mention them, now, replying such questions. Also, Mayu not only shares with Rena the fact that they like Sound Horizon, but they’re also both Otaku.
  • And, she actually said that the AKB member she’s closest to is Shimazaki Haruka.(source)
  • An AKB member she admires is Ooshima Yuuko. “There’s a lot I can learn from her, about her dancing and expressions, so I really admire her”. ”I’d like to learn from Maeda Atsuko when it comes to handle crucial moments”.
  • The AKB member she respects the most is Takahashi Minami.
  • She’s a huge fan of the former AKB member Tojima Hana. “I love everything about her. Expecially her voice, expressions and the way she talks. Also, her expression when she smiles is so cute that my heart receives serious damage! Ah, no, I really can’t say what I like, it’s really everything! Everything! Sorry if I’m disgusting (laugh).
  • (WIKI) She’s a huge fan of former SDN48 member Tojima Hana。 And Rena is Tojima’s Oshimen.
  • The AKB member she’d like as a girlfriend is…”I’m really interested in Mitsumune Kaoru”.
  • Personal Note: Recently, to the same question, she answered she’d like to date Shimazaki Haruka. (source)
  • Coming to know that AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka likes Melon pen, they got closer during an handshake event and they created the Melon Pan Alliance. Rena is the president, while Haruka the vice president. Other members are Ichikawa Miori (AKB48 - mascotte),Fukumoto Aina (NMB48), Isohara Kyouka (SKE48), Murashige Anna, Matsuoka Natsumi and Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48).
  • As for NMB48, she likes Koyanagi Arisa. “I love how she’s able to communicate with her eyes. I was only able to watch her perforforming in Koube’s concert but I can’t forget those etes.
  • Her only Oshimens are Tojima Hana and Koyanagi Arisa. “Recenly I’ve been called a DD (Daredemo suki - likes everyone). But truth is, my Oshimens are only Arii and Tojima-san. Well, yeah, it’s already two (laugh).  It’s obvious to like your oshimen! You’re full of strong feelings of wanting to support her!
  • I like Tojima-san since forever, I’ve always been her fan, I supported and admired her.  As for Arii, I just purely desire to support her! I really like Arii’s eyes.  Then, as for Paru-chan and Airin, I like them as persons! I love Paru-chan’s super “my pace” personality, and Airin’s gap!(*/ω\*) That’s why…!!!! I can proudly say in a big voice that I’m not a DD!! Rather than that I’m a KD (Kodomo Suki\Likes Kids)(`・ω・´) I unconditionally like little girls!
  • Non-chan and Jou-chan, for example! Kin-chan’s got childish eyes so I like her too! That’s the kind of “like” that makes me feel at peace.
  • I feel warm just by watching them♪”.
  • As for HKT48…”Haruka-chan’s ears are so cute that it’s painful!” (Probably referred to Kodama Haruka).
  • A person she esteems is Toda Keiko, because her acting, dancing and singing skills are charming, and her voice is beautiful.
  • Actors she esteems are Tamase Katsuhisa and Hara Tetsuya. 
  • Personal Note: She mentioned more than once how she likes Aoi Yuu, mostly on her blog but also here->(source)
  • About Bad Boys’ Kiyoto: “We don’t interact much but we can talk easily with each other. He really cares about my physical condition”.
  • If she were to make AKB as her family members: Dad->Akimoto Sayaka “It feels like she would be able to properly support the household”. Mother-> Katayama Haruka “I think we would have delicious meals!”. Big Sisters-> Miyazawa Sae, Ooshima Yuuko: “They would be reliable sisters”. Little sister-> Komori Mika: “I’d personally really like to have her as my little sister”.Big Brother-> Sashihara Rino “It would definitely be fun having her as a big brother!”.
  • Personal Comment: Since it’s a similar topic, when asked what members of the 48 Groups she would have as her little sister, she said Kanon, Manatsu and Kintarou  (Kimoto Kanon, Mukaida Manatsu and Kaneko Shiori, all SKE48 members) - (source)
  • (WIKI) She’s part of Google+’s Acting Club.。


  • Her personality is eccentric. “Let’s talk a little, I’m sure you’ll figure out how weird I am after that”. She’s shy and a crybaby. Once she even ended up crying during a Stage MC because she remembered a sad event. She’s a cussed person. She herself doesn’t really understand her personality.
  • According to Yuasa-san, she doesn’t like to lose and she’s more tenacious than anyone else. She likes to challenge herself and her fighting spirit becomes 100 times stronger than usual. She’s absolutely never late, and her consciousness as a professionist is very high.
  • Her hobbies are: Going around conbinis, making sweets and searching for melon pan.
  • Personal Note: Her just recently updated profile says: “Studying Sweetened buns”. (source)
  • Her speciality is programming (COBOL) and she even has a first class certification for that. However, right now she can’t do it anymore. “I don’t have something that I can confidently say it’s my speciality”.
  • Personal Note: Her just recently updated profile says her speciality is “Being able to fall asleep everywhere”. (source)
  • Her strong point is doing things at her own pace; being able to be alone; being negative.
  • Her weak point is being negative.
  • She likes Anime. She’s member n° 3 of SKE48’s 2D Club.
  • (WIKI) She’s an Anime Otaku, and she expecially likes Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Eureka Seven, Gundam and Macross F. As for the characters she likes Macross F’s Sheryl.
  • Personal Note: She had a Sheryl case on her phone for a while. (source)
  • (WIKI) She’s a hard gamer and she particularly likes Love Plus and other Love Simulation games.
  • Personal Note: Her girlfriend in Love Plus is Rinko. She often mentions her on her official blog. (sample source, sample source 2) She even has her on her DS cover. (source)
  • Her habit is to care about her bangs and to let her energy flow quickly to her shoulders.
  • She likes Disneyland. Her favorite attraction is Star Tours.
  • She prefer to be indoors but she’d like to become more of an outdoor person.
  • (WIKI) She’s a huge fan of Shinkansens. On [PON!] to advertise “Oshare ni koi shita Cinderella” she showed pictures of Shinkansen 0, N700 and E5 series. She also went to visit the Linear Tetsudoukan with Furukawa Airi.
  • She collects Gundam models and Action figures. “I have them lined up in order in my room”.
  • How she spends her days off: “It would become clear to everyone who read my blog when I have a day off. I basically never get out of my house. However I’ll be sure to go out during my next day off!”.
  • Personal Note: She said she’d like to work even on her days off and that she doesn’t need them. (source)
  • A book she’s reading recently is “A novel suggested by a fan, its title is a secret”.
  • Her method to reduce the stress is…”I cook, sometimes (laugh)”.
  • Personal Note: She said that working is what helps her the most to relieve the stress. (source)
  • Her favorite colours are “Light purple, Ivory and…right now I like green a lot”.
  • Her favorite artist is Asian Kung-fu Generation.
  • (WIKI)  Her favorite artists are: Beatles, Blink 182, BUMP OF CHICKEN, Asian Kung-fu Generation, AI, Sound Horizon and others… Among them she’s a very big fan of Sound Horizon and she even went to watch their concerts. (LOL the actual wiki is REALLY more accurate LOL)
  • Her favorite SKE48 song is Tegami no Koto: “when we perform it during Stages, I like it too much and I have so much fun that my face expressions are really loosened all the time”.
  • Her favorite AKB48 song is Takeuchi Senpai.
  • A unit she’d like to perform is Finland Miracle.
  • When she goes to the Karaoke, she always sings Moonlight Densetsu.
  • A site she often visit is Nico Nico Douga.
  • A smiley she often uses is (・ω・). She put words inside it and use it as her blog entries’ title.
  • According to her, depending on her physical condition, the second fold of her eyelids changes. Sometimes they’re clearly two folds and some other times they’re like one folded, with just the inner part being double. Of course, depending on her eyes, her face changes.
  • She’s pale and her eyes are light brown. Sometimes, during days with light clouds, her eyes hurts and she can’t open them, but she does like their colour.
  • She can’t wink.
  • Her hair are thin and soft. The amount is half of that of a common person.
  • She has a complex about her short nose. Her brother’s is long, apparently.
  • Her favorite smells are sweet ones, like that of sweets.
  • The shape of her lips is pretty popular among members, but being so small, she can barely open them. She’s slow at eating, like a rabbit.
  • The words she uses the most are “Somehow…”, “Somehow, it’s fine”
  • Her throat is weak so she needs to use a spry and candies.
  • Apparently her parents were strict and she was not allowed to put make up and piercings. She started wearing make-up after joining SKE48.
  • Right now (April 2010), she has no piercings.
  • She doesn’t really have brands she likes. She’s the type that goes shopping and just buys what she think it’s good.
  • Her favorite town is Kyoto.
  • Her favorite sport is curling (watching it)
  • She’s been told her chest is small but: “It’s really not like I’d like it to become bigger. Rather than that, I’d be okay with not having it at all (laugh)”.
  • Her waist is extremely thin. “I myself don’t understand why it’s so thin! It’s disgusting (laugh). It’s strange though, since I don’t do nothing in particular. I’m pretty famous for not being able to do sit-ups…”.
  • About her bottom. “Its size is average so if I make an outfit match my waist, my ass doesn’t fit, and viceversa. I’d like it to be smaller!”.
  • Her bathing time is about 15 minutes. About the bathing order: “I start from the face, so from the upper part. I’m not able to wash my face if I wash the body first!”.
  • Since it embarasses her, it’s impossible for her to bath together with another member. 
  • She’s sensitive to cold.
  • Her favorite season is Autumn, because it’s not cold nor hot.
  • Her favorite expression is 日々鍛錬 - “training every day”- . “If one doesn’t do efforts, nothing can be gained.”
  • Personal Note: Actually, even though 日々鍛錬 is written on her official profile, she admitted that her favorite expression it’s not that, but 日々精進 - to do one’s best every day -  (source)
  • She likes spicy food, sweets, vegetable and saikyouzuke.
  • She expecially likes melon pan because, according to her it’s the source of her energy. She never forgets to check for new melon pans when she goes in a conbini. “It’s important for melon pans to be fluffy and crispy, my favorite is Circle K Thanks”. Other members said that: “We’ve never seen her eating melon pan”. But she said it’s because she basically eats it in the morning or at night.
  • Food she doesn’t like: crabs, meat. She likes fish.
  • She’s good at making baked sweets and omerice: “Things like cookies and pancakes can be made quickly, so, more than to say I’m good at it, I just got used to make them. When I have time I quietly prepare them.
  • If she were to compare herself to an animal, it would be a sloth.
  • About the type of boys she likes:
  • “Relaxed and without the sense of reality”. 
  • “Someone with a gap”.
  • A not restrained person.
  • “Someone who would go to Disneyland alone and ride on the attraction It’s a small world. Someone like that couldn’t possibly be a bad person (laugh)”. 
  • “Since I’m introverted, I like people who would continuously guide me”.
  • “I like people wearing white shirts with the long sleeves rolled up”.
  • “Someone who would understand me”.
  • Personal Note: When asked the exact question “What kind of boys do you like?” Rena answered “Both for men and women I like people with a gap”. (source)
  • Her ideal male image is: “A kind person like Honey and Clover’s Takemoto-kun”.
  • As for male fashion she likes people who look good with white shirts and japanese clothes. She also likes Kimono and Hakama. “2D speaking, someone like Kazehaya-kun”.
  • As for the hairstyle she likes on boys: “Straight black hair. Short black hair. White and silver hair (2D). This, basically, but I may change idea depending on time and circumstances”.
  • Personal Note: This information is dated 2010. When asked the same thing this year she said: “Well, I wouldn’t accurately know what to say…I guess everything’s okay if it suits” (source)
  • Personal Note 2: Let’s make it equal LOL When asked what kind of hairstyle she likes on girls she said “Short Hair”. (source)
  • The type of boys she doesn’t like: “I don’t like indecisive people, both for men and women. Even though actually I’m indecisive myself. I guess it’s about disliking one’s own race…”
  • What she looks for in a boy is: “A reliable-looking back”.
  • A male behaviour she likes is rolling up one’s sleeves. “If it’s a student it feels like youth, if it’s an adult, it feels like a capable person”.
  • Something she’d be happy to be told by a man is “You’re better than I thought”.
  • If she were to confess to someone, she wouldn’t do it by mail but directly. “I have a reason for this! A mail remains, right? If you do it directly nothing remains, and I don’t want the fact that I confessed to remain in time”.
  • Her ideal date would be a wolk in Disneyland.
  • The places she’d like to go on a date are the ones she’s never been before.
  • She’d like to be come picked up with a green mini.
  • She said she would date a girl. This info was firstly revealed by Hiramatsu Kanako during  Team S’ Stage held on December 28 2011 and then confirmed by Rena. (source)
  • She doesn’t have a marriage aspiration. “I’m incredibly selfish, so I don’t think I’d find someone with a heart big enough to bear with my selfishness”.
  • She’s also not confident about being able to raise a kid. “I think it would be better to use those money donating them to some institution. Like this a lot of children would be saved and I’d be really happy.
  • A fan asked “Would you marry me?” and she answered “First, can you express the reason why you want to marry me in 2000 characters? After that, we can talk about it”.
  • Personal Comment: At first I wondered why the wotas added this here, since Rena wrote even funnier jokes during her recent Q&A. Then I realized that maybe someone didn’t get it was a joke…………………………… -.-‘
  • Her ideal female image is Final Fantasy X’s Yuuna. “I think that her looks, way of thinking, and things like what she’s burdened with are wonderful”.
  • Personal Note: Old info. She recently answered “someone like Aoi Yuu” to the same question on an interview for warpABC. (source)
  • About tobacco: “It’s not good for one’s body and, aside from that, the fumes bother me so I don’t like it.”
  • She has a fetish for voices. “I think people with voices that can make your heart flutter are great”.
  • Personal Note: She also has a fetish for shirts. Formerly it was only for white ones, but recently she doesn’t really care about the colour anymore.
  • And she has a fetish for backs too, both for girls and boys. (source)
  • Apparently she’s pretty good when it comes to studies and she ranked 2nd in Shuukan AKB’s midterm tests and 3rd in the final tests. However, she ranked 5th for the surprise test. She was ranked 2nd in SKE’s anonymous survey regarding members who would be, in truth, idiots.  The reasons were: She falls a lot; she looks smart but she really isn’t; she can’t distinguish left from right ect, ect…
  • She has a dog called Ruby.
  • If she were to be reborn, she’d like to be a dog.
  • If she were able to fulfill a desire that would be “Let everyone in the world speak the same language”.
  • She’d like to visit Spain.
  • If she were to chose a period she’d like to turn back at…”My childhood, when I was able to speak English. Apparently, when I was a kid, I used to watch Disney videos entire days and I was able to speak English very well。If only I had now that memory and those ears…I really regret it”.
  • What would you do if you had 100.000 yen to use in one day?: “It would be bad to save them, right? I’d donate everything, I’d like others to use them”.

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