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Matsui Rena Ameba Blog 08-09-2013


It’s Rena(・ω・) 

Just like yesterday, today as well I’m taking part in AKB’s hand-shake event.
Thanks to everyone who came yesterday!

I had everyone congratulate me, and that made me very happy.
Also, since you all talk about lots of things - also related to yourselves - I had really fun being able to talk about so many different topics!♪

Oh, right!
Yesterday there also were some people going to their former oshi saying that they changed oshi. (tln: You know, the oshihen)
Welll, you know…
I myself have been told many times, until now, “I changed my oshi from Renachan to someone else”, and well…one would feel down-hearted being told such a thing directly…

Instead of saying it with words, if you could just nonchalantly do like this, everyone will understand anyway! 


Just saying lol

In my case, anyway, I’m actually happy to be able to talk both with people supporting me and with those supporting other members.
When I see goods or T-shirts of other girls I end up talking about nothing but them lol

Oh, I was about to forget!
As I was thinking I would want Airi’s GekiOshi towel…

…Nanako already goooooooooooot iiiiiiiit!!!
I was too laaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeee!!!

I guess I have no other choice but to buy it…(*゜ロ゜)!!

That’s what I was thinking when…
…Sa-Sasshii gave me her GekiOshi towel!!!
So well, I guess that maaaaaaaaybe I might be having this towel around my neck at some point during today’s hand shake event…(-ω-)

But, of course, you’re all…


RenaOshis, right? ・*・:≡( ε:) 



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