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Letter Translation

"To Seira.
Since I can’t take part in today’s last Stage, I’ll express my feelings through this letter.We started together as 1st generation members, but you kept working hard as research student, unable to appear on Stage, didn’t you?Which is why, seeing you work so enjoyably after becoming a KII member, seeing you dance in such a cool way and do the gorilla as an S member, made me realize how wonderful you are.If you’re so well liked by members, is because you’re a great person and you pay attention to your surroundings more than yourselfBut the words you say, without any hesitation, happened to shine even during SKE shows.What I think is really amazing about you is your attitude towards dreams.Because you want to do gravure, you constantly try to keep your body in shape so that you would be ready to wear a swimsuit any time.And I find it so cool, that you straightforwardly express how that one is the path you want to follow.Which is why, I think that the happiest thing, in the future, will be to see your gravure! I remember how, in the past, you told me you were not even yet on the start line.This is the start.Chase after your dream from a new place, okay?Congratulations on your graduation.
Matsui Rena.”


Matsui rena Blog 24/2/2014

It’s Rena(・ω・)
The Re-Formation is over.
The changes exceeded my
expectations and
I myself feel very shaken right now.
I still haven’t managed to put order
to my feelings, but as a part of Team
E, I want to support our leader Akarin,
Suuchan and Marika.
Also, I got a concurrent position in
Nogizaka46 and well, there’s nothing
but things I don’t understand yet but
first of all I want to work hard so that
I’ll be recognized by both groups’
Well then, allow me to put my
feelings together and write something
more tomorrow.

*credit : mahoshoujoari

Matsui Rena Ameba Blog 19/02/2014

Last one of the series. Be sure to check (Dome・ω・01☆) , (Dome・ω・02☆) , (Dome・ω・03☆) and (Dome・ω・04☆) and (Dome・ω・05☆)



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

This will be the final post for the look back at Nagoya Dome.

Lastly, I’m going to talk about the new song.
On Nagoya Dome’s stage, we filmed the MV
for our 14th Single: Mirai to wa?

However, this one was different from the usual MV shootings, and so was the song performance…because everything, from the song to the dance, were done in reverse! 

I bet everyone in the audience was confused when the clip was shown and it got that we were going to film in reverse lol 

The reversed choreography was very hard.
For the step in which we had to kick the leg around, it was not from the inside to the outside, but from the outside - that was normally supposed to be the arrival point - to the inside!
If we wanted to proceed forward then we had to walk backwards! 
And all this had to be done while listening to a music that could’ve barely been considered music in the first place, and that made me feel like fainting lol


From the central stage we walked backwards to the passage stage.


There were lots of effects in the middle of the performance, 
such as baloons falling from above and fireworks!


We marched and ran facing backwards!

Then in the end, on the main stage, we did the reversed choreography.


Also thanks to your cooperation the shootings ended without any problems and I got to watch the finished clip one step ahead everyone else.
The reversed performance turned into a very interesting result, so much I could get addicted to it!

The song is a very positive message song.
A wonderful melody and song that can make you perceive how the future is not far away but it’s actually really close to us. 

The release date is March 19.
Everyone, please look forward to it!

All right, with this I’m done talking about the Nagoya Dome, that allowed us to take a look at the future.
We’ll face forward and move our steps towards the next stage.


Credit : mahoushojari.tumbr

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