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Matsui Rena Official Blog 24-05-2013

(Mor・ω・ ning)

Good morning

There’s Music Station today!
I’ll be together with my beloved Ieiri Leo-san!!
*excited* *thrilled*

It looks like she took part in Mu Comi + on Wednesday and as I heard it I grabbed my head thinking “Ah…she should’ve come on Monday!!!” lol

We, as well, should perform energetically today!
You know, I really like Sayonara Crawl’s choreography.
The moves during the refrain are catchy and each one of them has a meaning to it so it gets fun!!

Please be sure to pay attention to that!♪

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Matsui Rena Google+ & Twitter 22-05-2013

*True that they’re making the same pose but Rie is also making the same expression as Kanon lol Duck lips + komarigao XD Rie trying to be a stylish nowadays idol ahahahimage
*I’ll explain everything here ;)
Both “Doki x 2 (Doki doki) de kowaresou 1000% LOVE HEY” and “2000% saikou na LOVE” are songs from the Anime called “Uta no Prince-sama”.
It’s fine not to get it if you don’t  know the anime, of course, BUT…wouldn’t it be clear anyways what she’s talking about?
Her heart beating fast today and it’s going to get worse in two weeks.
Obvious for anyone with brains…But even if you didn’t get it because, dunno, distracted or didn’t pay attention, you sure wouldn’t think something weird of it, would you?
Someone did.
And they accused Rena saying this post was supposed to be A PRIVATE MESSAGE -.-
It’s so idiot I’m getting pissed of as I write…
*Maybe they’re too stupid to get it, but Rena got pissed off too and she basically sent them to hell with her usual elegance <3
Ah, I can feel all the feelings she put in that star X°°D
Remember? ;)
*Renaaa X°D
But well, nice to know she in some way interacted with one of the few AKB members I fancy lol
*OMG if it gets popular among wrestlers I’ll die XD You can read the post here.
*Not your fault…


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Matsui Rena Ameblog 22-05-2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Sorry if I’m writing again after a while.
I’m all right and spending an everyday life filled with work.

Well then…You know, I’m being very interested in Sumo wrestlers lately and as I talked about it in Nippon Housou’s Mu Comi +, it spread more and more and…

G-g-g-guess what!?!?

They created a song called:

[Mawashi wa Emerald] *the laincloth is Emerald* (I suggest you check THIS out :P)

It was recorded last week’s Sunday, by the the MC Yoshida-san together with fans who got together voluntarily because of it!!

The part of the refrain when the song says

“Something’s different from yesterday, isn’t it?”


“Something’s different from the Nagoya Tournament, isn’t it?”

The lyrics thought by the listeners are just exellent!!!!

Moreover…it even became a CD!!!


The staff did its best in order to imitate the original cover!!

It gradually gets funnier and funnier!
Funnier and funnier!

Also, aside from [Mawashi wa Emerald] they even recorded [Chanko no Dorei] (Chanko’s slave)

Both songs’ lyrics are amazing and since it’s possible to check them on Mu Comi +’s homepage, please do!♪


Ah, today’s Sayonara Crawl’s release date!
I even slightly appear on the cover so, if you’d like, please search for me!


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Matsui Rena Official Blog 22-05-2013



It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning.

Yesterday I ended up falling asleep right after 23:00.
I feel refreshed ‘cause it was a while since I last slept this much♪

In the morning, first of all I had  breakfast and now I’m full of energy!
And as I went to sleep with fomentations on my legs, now they feel lighter!

Today I won’t be able to take part in the Stage due to work, but I’ll be yelling from Tokyo to Nagoya!!

Stages are made by the members and the fans together.
Even the 6th generation member Kitano Ruka-chan will perform, so everyone, please take care of her!

The one regret I have is…

…not to be able to stand on the stage together with Egonaru!!

Just saying lol

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Matsui Rena Official Blog 20-05-2013




I’ve got a work I’m excited about today!
For some reason, I’m wearing a sailor uniform.

That’s still a secret.

However, my heart is beating fast, I’m super excited and I’m grinning…
Just looking at the people in front of me right now makes me grin…
I think I’ll be able to spend the day enoyably until it’s time for the radio tonight.



Ahhhh, what should I do? I can’t stop grinning!


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Holla Minna... Kan waktu itu kita pernah ngebahas topik tuh... nah hasil jawaban kalian saya masukin ke Blog.. buat kenang kenangan aja gitu... Langsung aja ke Topik Pertama :

1. Topik pertamanya gini : kira" siapa calon penerus ace SKE48 nanti setelah WMatsui grad ?

: Kimoto Kanon
: Kanon Kimoto / Kizaki Yuria
: Kizaki Yuria
: duh minn, juju itu masih muda, gimana mau prediksi -_-
to : enggak jadi jaminan kalo masih muda itu enggak grad XD
: Kanon Kimoto
to mudanya juga belum mencolok
to : ho'oh.. Tapi kalo misalnya ..tit.... Maunya grad gimana ?
to & : maachan grad umur brp ya? udah itu yg lain pada ikutan grad ga? hmm hmm hmm *nimbrung.

Nah.. ini diskusi kita di pertanyaan pertama sekarang yg kedua ^^

2.Topik Keduanya Begini : setelah 9 (+1) member SKE grad belom lama ini , apakah  akan berdampak pada penjualan singlenya ?

:  mungkin sekitar 20%, well (biasanya) worth single itu pp dan tiket hs,& memb yg grad
 posisinya yang kuat2...
: berarti sudah saatnya generasi baru juga berkesempatan punya fans banyak ^^
:  nurun. soalnya udah gaada kuumin ogichan terutama shawako yg tahun kmaren lg trknal bgt.

Hahahaha.. ini diskusi kita kali ini.. semoga menambah wawasan kita semua.. wkwkwkkw... XD
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Matsui Rena Blog 09-05-2013

I so understand lol
If some of you watch Shingeki no Kyojin…they’ll understand XD



It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning.

Yesterday I fell asleep as soon as I got home.
I immediately collapsed on the futon.
That’s why I ended up waking up at a weirdly early hour and as I was searching for something to do in the time I had before going out…

…I decided to watch Shingeki no Kyojin’s episode 5.

Thinking about how much of a shocking and filled with desperation of an anime it is, I once again got into the futon but…it had already turned into a trauma!!
That’s why…I watched it once again.
And I was fine after that.

When I’m in Tokyo and I watch it in real time I also end up watching Aku no Hana, that airs right after it.
So it’s a whole day trauma!!

As for Shingeki no Kyojin I don’t have the entire manga so I guess I’ll complete it!
It’s the first time for me to watch an anime airing and desiring so much to watch it in BD!!
Next time I see her I’ll talk about Shingeki no Kyojin with Airin! Yeah, I will!


Matsui Rena Blog 08-05-2013

(A preciousω・comrade!)


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Riechan’s last Stage is over!
We thought about lots of things, wanting to make some kind of surprise for Riechan, so in the end we made coloured papers for her, we had someone create a video and we gave Riechan her beloved chocolate cake as a present!! 

I guess we could consider it an expression of our gratitude and also a slightly early birthday present.

I got startled by all the fans’ penlights surprise to Riechan!!
When it was time for Nakama no Uta the penlights were all of Riechan’s colour!
It was such a splendid scenery.

In the end, everything was all over in the blink of an eye, but no matter how long it lasted, it was flled with intense memories.
It was also a lot of fun to act and sing together in Magical Radio.
And I enjoyed talking to her before the Stage.

Riechan, thank you.


Cara memvoting Sounsekyou 2012 (Paduan untuk 2013)

Konbanwa Minna.. saya ingin menunjukan bagaimana cara memvoting Memba 48 Family di tahun 2012. Semoga bisa membantu di Tahun 2013 Ini ! Mungkin nanti Sounsekyou 2013 ini gak jauh jauh beda sama tahun 2012 kok.. Paling cuma beda Link ^^
Simak ya.

1.Klik Link ini untuk memvoting Memba di Sounsekyou 2012 Kemaren
2.Ketika sudah mengunjungi Situs tadi.. akses ke halaman Anggota tim. Klik チームから検索.
3.Cari Anggota Yang kalian pilih 
4.Nanti akan ada 2 kotak.. masukan angka yg kalian dapatkan ketika membeli Cd tersebut
5.Klik 「投票する」 dan kau selesai..
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Matsui Rena Blog 07-05-2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

There was an individual hand-shake event in Nagoya yesterday.
Thanks to everyone who came.

My voice got hoarse in the middle of it so sorry if it was hard to understand what I was saying.
However, I had a lot of fun during the hand-shake events and my tension rose so much that I kept being like this for 2 entire days!


Yesterday’s one was the last hand-shake event for the graduated members.
It was after more or less of a while since I last met them but they almost didn’t change at all from that last day, the dressing room kept being noisy and lively, so much that I thought that this will be something that will never change…

I perceived your warmth and kindness when I heard the members’ calls.
Thank you so much.

Well then, tomorrow we’ll perform Riechan’s last stage.
I wonder if it’s going to be a moment of change for SKE.
Let’s make tomorrow’s one a wonderful, wonderful Stage that will forever remain into Riechan’s memories!!
I might end up crying, but I want to send her off smiling.


Today’s the release date for FLASH Special.


You’ll find not yet seen shots from the Karuizawa photoshoot and off-shots from the shootings of AKB’s Sayonara Crawl.
Swimsuits, Yukata, white Metel.
You’ll find lots of me in the magazine lol

Hoping I’ll soon be able to experience other wonderful shootings!

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Matsui Rena Blog 05-05-2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today we had a hand-shake event in Nagoya’s Port Messe Nagoya!


I thought it had passed a while since I last wore this outfit but I actually wore it the other day in the Budoukan lol

These past few days were really lively so it felt like a lot passed already.

Anyway today a lot - really a lot - of people came to see me!!
So much that when I first reached my lane I got startled!!!
Also since it was during the Golden week long holiday, a lot of parents with children could come, not to mention people coming from far away!
Everyone, thank you so much!

I’m glad to know so many people wants to meet me.
A lot of fans of members of the new Team E came to me saying “We count on you!” or “Let’s do our best!”
That made me really happy!
I’d like to work hard in order to receive support not only as a single member but also as a team, at the same time.

Still, the most important thing is to make you smile.
Even just seeing the people who come shaking my hand and talk to me smiling after that is enough to make me happy.
So tomorrow as well I’ll definitely go enjoy myself!

Now going a bit back in time with another topic…

Let’s talk about yesterday’s Seifuku no me Stage in TDC Hall!


Thanks to everyone who came!
It was the first and last touring Stage with these members.
It was also the first and left Tokyo Stage with us for Riechan.
She was talking about how nervous she was to have the people from Tokyo to watch SKE’s Stage.

I had so so much fun during the Stage and as I noticed how fun I was having, every time my eyes would meet some other members’ I couldn’t avoid thinking “I guess the times it’s going to happen again could be counted…” and I suddenly got sad…so at the end of the Stage I was sobbing a bit…

Probably it’s because, I passed from having my feelings focused on E to spend these days completely thinking about S…so before I could realize it, I found myself being just as sad as the time I was separated from them…so once again I could feel how much I love Team S.
This Stage is just like a precious friend for me, so I’ll treasure it until the very end.


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Translate-an Video Kampanye Senbatsu Matsui Rena


Matsui Rena : 12時まで魔法は解けない, ガラスの靴はぬぎません. SKEのかすみそう, 松井玲奈です.
Saat pertama kali aku mendengar ada senkyo lagi , awalnya aku bingung mau ikut atau tidak. tapi akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk ikut, dan setelah itu aku dapat sambutan yang hangat saat handshake maupun di blog. karenanya aku ingin mengucapkan terima kasih , karena banyak pesan hangat yang kuterima. saat aku mendengar kata" itu, aku sedang dipenuhi oleh perasaan "apakah ini benar ? apakah ini menyenangkan para fans ? saat itu aku merasa tidak nyaman , tapi ketika mendengar "terimakasih" dari kalian ... aku bisa ikut senkyo kali ini berkat kalian. tahun lalu aku dapat peringkat 11 , meskipun ini membuat kalian kaget , perasaan ini mulai ada beberapa tahun ini..
Tahun ini , aku ikut senkyo atas keputusan sendiri . yang ingin kucapai adalah aku ingin naik ! tahun ini , aku akan memulainya dengan melonpan ... yoroshiku onegaishimasu ! matsui rena desu ~

Matsui Rena Official Blog 3-05-2013



It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today’s Te wo tsunagi nagara Stage ended up without any problem.
I’d like to write about that as well but…please let me write about Riechan’s last stage.

It was announced that Riechan - whose concurrent position was cancelled the other day - will perform her last Stage with us on the 8th.
Counting it together with the two performances we’ll do tomorrow, we only have 3 Stages left…

To be honest, it does feel too fast and it’s sad…
Do you have an idea of how wonderful would’ve been to be able to perform the closing day of the Stage with her?
Still, I do understand that it would be difficult, so I’ll just do my best treasuring the last Stages we’ll perform together.

I particularly like Riechan on stage.
Her so many expressions, the way she performs with all her might…

Let’s do this cheerfully and enjoyably!!

I’d like if, for the end, we could give a wonderful present to Riechan, who was so kind to grow to love SKE.

Well then, two Stages tomorrow!!
Let’s treasure them lots.


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