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tempat wisata di jepang yg wajib dikunjungi

Jepang merupakan salah satu tujuan wisata paling populer di dunia. Tempat Wisata di Jepang merupakan campuran unik dari zaman tradisional dan modern, diantara itu ialah banyaknya kuil dan bangunan dari masa lalu dan dengan prestasi modern di arsitektur dan teknologinya. Pengunjung dapat dibawa dalam sejarah Jepang dan budaya dalam satu hari kunjungan dan mendapatkan sekilas dari masa depan melalui perkembangan teknologi di Jepang. Hampir semua situs sejarah yang yang ada di Jepang masih merupakan wujud asli mereka, dan tetap terbuka untuk umum. Keindahan alam Jepang dapat dilihat sepanjang tahun. Selain itu, Jepang memiliki salah satu tingkat kejahatan terendah di dunia yang membuatnya ideal bagi wisatawan. Sedikit penjelasan ini seharusnya bisa membuat Anda semakin yakin untuk mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata di Jepang.

1. Gunung Fuji

Pemandangan indah di Gunung FujiJika di Indonesia terdapat Gunung Bromo, maka di Jepang terdapat Gunung Fuji yang merupakan gunung tertinggi di Jepang pada ketinggian 3.776 meter (12.388 kaki). Bentuknya sangat simetris dan kerucut, gunung berapi ini adalah simbol terkenal dari Jepang dan sering digambarkan dalam seni dan foto-foto, serta daya tarik wisata yang populer bagi pelancong dan pendaki. Diperkirakan 200.000 orang mendaki Gunung Fuji setiap tahun, 30% di antaranya adalah orang asing. Pendakian ini bisa berlangsung antara tiga dan delapan jam sementara untuk turunnya dapat ditempuh dari dua sampai lima jam.

2. Golden Pavilion

Kuil Paviliun EmasKinkaku-ji atau Kuil Paviliun Emas adalah daya tarik wisata paling populer di Jepang dan di daerah Kyoto. Paviliun ini awalnya dibangun sebagai villa peristirahatan bagi Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu pada akhir abad ke-14. Sayangnya, paviliun dibakar pada tahun 1950 oleh seorang biarawan muda yang telah sangat terobsesi dengan Paviliun itu. Lima tahun kemudian, Paviliun itu dibangun kembali sebagai salinan dari aslinya. Penekanan ditempatkan pada bangunan dan taman sekitarnya yang selaras dengan satu sama lain. Paviliun ditutupi oleh daun yang terbuat dari emas yang memantulkan gambaran keindahan dari paviliun di kolam dan refleksi kolam di gedung.

3. Menara Tokyo

Menara Tokyo yang mengadopsi desain EiffelMenara Tokyo adalah bukti kemajuan teknologi dan kehidupan modern di Jepang. Terinspirasi oleh desain menara Eiffel di Paris, Perancis, ini adalah struktur buatan manusia tertinggi kedua di Jepang dan berfungsi sebagai alat komunikasi dan menara observasi. Pengunjung dapat memanjat menara untuk melihat pemandangan tak tertandingi dari Tokyo dan daerah sekitarnya serta toko-toko dan restoran, maka tak salah jika Menara Tokyo termasuk salah satu Tempat Wisata di Jepang yang terpopuler.

4. Kastil Himeji

Kastil Himeji yang MegahKastil Himeji dianggap yang terbaik untuk arsitektur istana di Jepang. Kastil ini dulunya dibuat untuk melawan musuh selama periode feodal, tetapi telah direnofasi kembali berkali-kali selama berabad-abad dan mencerminkan periode desain yang berbeda-beda. Kastil ini selamat dalam pemboman Perang Dunia II dan Kastil ini sering terlihat dalam film-film dalam dan luar negeri, termasuk film James Bond "You Only Live Twice". Eksterior putih dan desain benteng yang menyerupai burung yang akan terbang, membuat Kastil Himeji layak di sematkan ke dalam 10 tempat wisata di Jepang yang terpopuler.

Matsui rena

GrickRena Matsui (松井 玲奈 Matsui Rena?, born July 27, 1991 in Toyohashi, Aichi)is a member of the Japanese idol girl group SKE48 and also holds a concurrent position in Nogizaka46. She originally joined as a member of SKE48's Team S but on April 2013, she became the leader of team E.[1] She has participated in the main lineup of not only SKE48 but also AKB48 singles. She is considered by many fans as one half of the center duo of SKE48 along withJurina Matsui.[weasel words][citation needed]She is also holding a concurrency with Nogizaka46.
Matsui RenaTeam E Leader’s retrospective on SKE48’s  recent growth from Nikkei Entertainment August 2013 ------Matsui Rena who ranked 7th in last June General Elections, entering the sacrosanct “Kami 7”. At the same time, a large number of SKE48 members ranked in the elections, ensuring the group to gain fame of national scale. Looking one year back, as a first generation member and core existence of the group, she tells us what have been the major events that punctuated this year.Rena - With Maeda Atsuko graduating last year, chances for young AKB48 members  have multiplied and they’ve been gradually advancing toward the spotlight. While AKB48 was going through this transformation and SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 attacking, I think this year clearly revealed what kind of group each of us is.One of the most important event in this regard for SKE48 was when in April, during Budokan concert, we showed a more powerful visage than ever by singing 31 songs in a row without MC. When we got all together to plan the concert, we were very glad to hear from the staff 「SKE48 is the only one that could pull something like that」, all the members got really enthusiasts. *smiling from ear to ear* If I had to word it very simply, I’d say performing 31 songs in a row was fun. Looking at the audience I could tell that once the 「When is there gonna be an MC」bewilderment washed away, replaced by 「They ain’t gonna stop!」 they were even more fire up than usual. I still vividly remember last summer, when we performed in the large scale female idols festival 「IDOL NATION」. After our performance on the first stage had ended, unfortunately, I felt the audience didn’t quite enjoy it. I think that’s because we lacked experience in this kind of environment, where the audience isn’t composed of our fans only like in the theater, but people who were there to see other idols. We faced different way of cheering and had to forget what we thought were common practices, so much that when the members met during the break, we all changed our MCs. For the second stage, we changed our approach 「I’ve confidence in how powerful our performances are, what would you say about we see who of you or us have the more energy? (tln : talking to the audience)」. Doing so it felt the live was a much bigger success. Until then we had been going forth by leaning on AKB48’s legacy, but it felt we had just opened a new path for SKE48 to walk, and I could see the difference in responses.I think we also managed to display our own charm during SKE48 first solo apparition in last year 「NHK Kouhaku Utagasen」. At first murmurs in the venue were something like 「It’s the turn of one of AKB48 spawn」and the applause was scarce too. But with Akarin (Suda Akari) doing ballet moves, the now graduated Fujimoto Miki doing back-flips, cheers arose from the audience and when it was over we got wrapped in strong applause and acclamations. I took it as the proof we had been approved of.Her attachment to SKE48On March 2012 it was announced that Matsui Jurina would hold concurrent position with AKB48’s Team K. Matsui Jurina being even more absent from Nagoya, something switched in Matsui Rena’s heart who had been hauling SKE48 as part of WMatsui. Rena - The biggest change I experienced this year was the full bloom of my profound attachment to SKE48. I think the apparition of kennin members has been a stimulus and a plus for AKB48 group as a whole. But as someone entrusted with the duty to guide SKE48 forward, I can’t let go of my conviction that 「SKE48 is number one」. Sometimes fans will tell me during handshake events 「I hope Rena-chan will be in concurrent position someday」, but I always answer them 「SKE48 is where I belong」.In her speech during this year General Elections, she announced 「This year I’ll go all out」, showing a confidence in herself unheard of before.Rena - This year my solo works have increased, fans reported 「I’ve seen you on TV in this CM!」 and overall I can feel there are more people aware of my existence. I think it played a major role that I was finally able to tell my fans openly, related to last year elections, 「I was disappointed with my rank. I want to stand at the top.」. In response, everyone push me up and bestowed me this chance. I want to make all my possible so that one year after it will appear to have been the right choice to give me this 7th position.

Letter Translation

"To Seira.
Since I can’t take part in today’s last Stage, I’ll express my feelings through this letter.We started together as 1st generation members, but you kept working hard as research student, unable to appear on Stage, didn’t you?Which is why, seeing you work so enjoyably after becoming a KII member, seeing you dance in such a cool way and do the gorilla as an S member, made me realize how wonderful you are.If you’re so well liked by members, is because you’re a great person and you pay attention to your surroundings more than yourselfBut the words you say, without any hesitation, happened to shine even during SKE shows.What I think is really amazing about you is your attitude towards dreams.Because you want to do gravure, you constantly try to keep your body in shape so that you would be ready to wear a swimsuit any time.And I find it so cool, that you straightforwardly express how that one is the path you want to follow.Which is why, I think that the happiest thing, in the future, will be to see your gravure! I remember how, in the past, you told me you were not even yet on the start line.This is the start.Chase after your dream from a new place, okay?Congratulations on your graduation.
Matsui Rena.”


Matsui rena Blog 24/2/2014

It’s Rena(・ω・)
The Re-Formation is over.
The changes exceeded my
expectations and
I myself feel very shaken right now.
I still haven’t managed to put order
to my feelings, but as a part of Team
E, I want to support our leader Akarin,
Suuchan and Marika.
Also, I got a concurrent position in
Nogizaka46 and well, there’s nothing
but things I don’t understand yet but
first of all I want to work hard so that
I’ll be recognized by both groups’
Well then, allow me to put my
feelings together and write something
more tomorrow.

*credit : mahoshoujoari

Matsui Rena Ameba Blog 19/02/2014

Last one of the series. Be sure to check (Dome・ω・01☆) , (Dome・ω・02☆) , (Dome・ω・03☆) and (Dome・ω・04☆) and (Dome・ω・05☆)



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

This will be the final post for the look back at Nagoya Dome.

Lastly, I’m going to talk about the new song.
On Nagoya Dome’s stage, we filmed the MV
for our 14th Single: Mirai to wa?

However, this one was different from the usual MV shootings, and so was the song performance…because everything, from the song to the dance, were done in reverse! 

I bet everyone in the audience was confused when the clip was shown and it got that we were going to film in reverse lol 

The reversed choreography was very hard.
For the step in which we had to kick the leg around, it was not from the inside to the outside, but from the outside - that was normally supposed to be the arrival point - to the inside!
If we wanted to proceed forward then we had to walk backwards! 
And all this had to be done while listening to a music that could’ve barely been considered music in the first place, and that made me feel like fainting lol


From the central stage we walked backwards to the passage stage.


There were lots of effects in the middle of the performance, 
such as baloons falling from above and fireworks!


We marched and ran facing backwards!

Then in the end, on the main stage, we did the reversed choreography.


Also thanks to your cooperation the shootings ended without any problems and I got to watch the finished clip one step ahead everyone else.
The reversed performance turned into a very interesting result, so much I could get addicted to it!

The song is a very positive message song.
A wonderful melody and song that can make you perceive how the future is not far away but it’s actually really close to us. 

The release date is March 19.
Everyone, please look forward to it!

All right, with this I’m done talking about the Nagoya Dome, that allowed us to take a look at the future.
We’ll face forward and move our steps towards the next stage.


Credit : mahoushojari.tumbr

Yokohama Arena Day 2 Setlist

Shadow Announcer: Kimoto Kanon
M01: Kodoku na Ballerina (Ballerina: Suda Akari, Sax: Furuhata Nao, Piano: Shibata Aya & Azuma Rion)
M02: Pareo wa Emerald (All)
M03: Te wo tsunaginagara (All)
M04: Banzai Venus (All)
MC1: Kodoku na Ballerina’s Story
M05: Glory Days (Matsui Jurina, Kitagawa Ryoha, Nakanishi Yuka, Backdancers: KKS)
M06: Namida no Shounan (Furukawa Airi, Abiru Riho, Uchiyama Mikoto, Sato Mieko, Sato Seira)
M07: Kokoro no hashi no Sofa (Ishida Anna, Yakata Miki, Oba Mina)
M08: Ame no Pianist (Matsui Rena, Oya Masana, Deguchi Aki)
M09: Gyakuten oujisama (Mukaida Manatsu, Goto Risako, Kitano Ruka)
M10: Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster (Kimoto Kanon, Miyamae Ami, Mizuno Honoka)
M11: Hatsukoi yo, konnichiwa (Shibata Aya, Kato Rumi, Futamura Haruka)
M12: Cross (Takayanagi Akane, Furuhata Nao, Suga Nanako)
M13: Seifuku Resistance (Kizaki Yuria, Saito Makiko, Tsuzuki Rika)
M14: Candy (Suda Akari, Matsumoto Rina, Yamashita Yukari)
MC2: Matsui Jurina, Kitagawa Ryoha, Oya Masana, Oba Mina, Ishida Anna
M15: Zakuro no Mi wa Yuutsu ga Nantsubu Tsumatte Iru? (Akagumi)
M16: Canaria Syndrome (Shirogumi)
M17: Itsu no ma ni ka, yowai mono ijime (Selection 8)
M18: Dareka no sei ni wa shinai (Akagumi)
M19: Seishun wa hazukashii (Akagumi)
M20: Hanikami Lollipop (Shirogumi)
M21: Tokimeki no ashiato (Shirogumi)
MC3: Team E - Rion [Rena-san, when will you come and do a stage performance?] Rena […..]
M22: Boku no Taiyou (Team E)
M23: Bokutachi no kamihikouki (Team KII)
M24: Bokura no kaze (Team S)
M25: Mitsubachi Girl (Team E)
M26: Koutei no koinu (Team KII)
M27: Uhho Uhhoho (Team S)
M28: Usotsuki na Danchou (KKS)
MC4: Matsumura Kaori, Aoki Shiori, Kitano Ruka, Hidaka Yuzuki
M29: Tsumiki no jikan
M30: Antenna
MC5: 4th Gen
M31: Gomen ne SUMMER (1st Gen)
M32: Aishiteraburu! (1st Gen - 3rd Gen)
M33: Kiss Datte Hidarikiki (1st Gen - 5th Gen)
M34: 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!
M35: Choco no Dorei
M36: Utsukushii Inazuma
M37: Sansei Kawaii
EN1: Escape
EN2: Bazooka hou hassha!
EN3: Oki Doki
MC8: Additional Performance in Nagoya Dome 02/01
EN4: Nakama no uta


Matsui Rena’s Official Blog - 23\11\2013

It’s Rena.(・ω・)

Good morning.

Yesterday, after I finished my work, I got to know about Sayachan and Yuuyu’s graduations.
Not sure if calling it a shock, but I still can’t find words.
It was so very sudden that I believe it’ll take me some more time in order to accept and understand the fact that Yuuna and Sayachan will quit their activities…

I wanted to appear with them in the Yokohama Arena and in the Nagoya Dome…
There also is that frustration but, of course, I think what they have chosen has to be properly supported.

Sayachan is such a gentle and soft presence, so much that talking with her would soften my feelings as well.
Still, she has a firm attitude and I love and find charming how she’s honest and frank towards her own feelings.
I wanted to have more occasions to stand on the stage with her…

I think Yuuna has been searching for her own answer…
We talked together about a lot of things.
I particularly want for her to be smiling in the future.
She’s a cute junior that was so kind to adore me, so I want to cheer on her back as she does her best.

There’s a hand-shake event todat.
I believe you’re all having lots of different feelings right now, but I hope for the expression of as many people as possible to turn into a smile.



Matsui Rena Official Blog 14/10/2013



Good morning.

Sorry I made you worry yesterday.

Today I can work at ease so I’m properly going to rest when I’ll have time!
I’m alive hence I’m all right!
I’ll be sure to fully restore my condition in some way, so please don’t worry!

Yesterday - maybe because she was worried - Ruby kept sticking to me all the time!
Dogs really do understand when we don’t feel well, don’t they?
The pic is a very old one.

I kind of feel restless If I don’t keep updating the Official Blog.
I guess it’s a matter of habit!



Matsui Rena Mobile Mail 2013/10/13


Because of my poor condition I was absent from today’s handshake event.
After resting and sleeping all day, I’m somehow able to move again.
Seems like the constant dizziness I had been experiencing lately wasn’t totally harmless.
Truth being told, I had an outbreak of fever just before Request Hour but since I coped with it thanks to intravenous drip I thought it was no big deal. Looks like I was wrong.

My head spins and I feel sick whenever I board a vehicle or look at my phone.
I’ll have to remain quiet for a while.

Sorry to make you worry.


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