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Matsui Rena’s Official Blog - 23\11\2013

It’s Rena.(・ω・)

Good morning.

Yesterday, after I finished my work, I got to know about Sayachan and Yuuyu’s graduations.
Not sure if calling it a shock, but I still can’t find words.
It was so very sudden that I believe it’ll take me some more time in order to accept and understand the fact that Yuuna and Sayachan will quit their activities…

I wanted to appear with them in the Yokohama Arena and in the Nagoya Dome…
There also is that frustration but, of course, I think what they have chosen has to be properly supported.

Sayachan is such a gentle and soft presence, so much that talking with her would soften my feelings as well.
Still, she has a firm attitude and I love and find charming how she’s honest and frank towards her own feelings.
I wanted to have more occasions to stand on the stage with her…

I think Yuuna has been searching for her own answer…
We talked together about a lot of things.
I particularly want for her to be smiling in the future.
She’s a cute junior that was so kind to adore me, so I want to cheer on her back as she does her best.

There’s a hand-shake event todat.
I believe you’re all having lots of different feelings right now, but I hope for the expression of as many people as possible to turn into a smile.



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