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Matsui Rena official blog 30-06-2013



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

I’m back to Japan!!
Come back Japan!!!

Over there I got in touch with English, ate huge food and I got filled up with happiness.

As for the details about the work, I’ll tell you next time.

In any case, now that I’m back in Japan, I HAVE to eat melon pan!
There really wasn’t any overseas, after all…
But the cinnamon roll I ate over there was the most rich, sweet and delicious of all the cinnamon rolls I’ve ever eaten. 

I’d like to eat one again…

BUT!! I’m on diet starting today!
So I’ll only eat half melon pan!


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Matsui Rena Official Blog 29-06-2013

Its Rena(ω) Good morning.
Its night here.Now Im going to have dinner.
I wonder what I’m going to eat…

I’m already missing so  much Japanese food and I feel like eating soumen.
The food here is pretty heavy so even eating just a salad turns out to be a pain.
I still haven’t digested all that I ate yesterday and my stomach feels constantly full!
Now this  is a problem lol

I happen to get surprised seeing little kids heartly eating way more than me!
Sandwitches, a huge amount of salad, potato, big juice, Sundae…shocking, shocking, shocking!!!
I wonder what Im going to eat now.

And in all that, I
m having a very hard time with English.
I wish I could speak it better


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Matsui Rena Ameblog 29-06-2013


It’s Rena(・ω・) 

Sorry if I couldn’t post for a while.
Good evening from overseas.

I had to go overseas for work!

I’m eating delicious things, working enjoyably and every day is very full and satisfying even though it kinda feels like a whirlwind tour!

However, right after I finished the shootings, the greatest lightnings ever started striking so very close to were I was and I kept being terrified until they ended. lol 
What amazed me is that for some reason people would clap hands when the lighting struck.
So that was a double shock for me.

Right now the sky suddenly cleared up and I even managed to see a wonderful sunrise.
Just for them to be filled with green make sceneries to make me feel relieved.

And the clouds are huge!
Ahhhh, I would’ve loved to work for 2\3 days  more.

Next time I’d like to be able to spend time in a much more relaxed way.



Now this pic feels a bit hard on my currenly heavy stomach.


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Matsui Rena Mobile Mail 26-06-2013


This picture came out kinda weird.
It looks like if it was from the 2D world.

Naru-chan sent me a mail today.
It said she was ready to go up on stage.
Byaaa! ←

Lately my creepiness has reached MAX level, I should really tone it down.
But you must understand that the Ego-chan who was in Naru-chan’s mail was super cute!

I also have a thing for Tsuu-chan.
I want Tsuu-chan to be my girlfriend. That’s how cute she is.
Not to forget Rion.
It’s cute how she hasn’t overcome her shyness yet.
But I tell you, our love is mu-tu-al.
I’ve to collect all my courage and beg her to wear a ponytail someday .

And then! And then! Yuuna-chan! She is so cute! She is lovely, sweating like she does. She looks like a baby but she is really ambitious, I like how earnest and resolute she is.

Ahh, it’s really a good thing that I was born a girl. I honestly think so.

I also want to talk with Yukarun from AKB and to Minapon .
Jail ヽ(^-^ヽ)♪Jail♪ヾ(^‐^)ゞ♪Jail♪(/ ^-^)/ Jail
What did I just read? Going easy on the creepiness? Well, we certainly start off on the wrong foot there, dear R~ *fufufufu*
But what better way to advertise 6th gen than by fangirling over them?! Ok, maybe there is a better way out there but that works just fine too (*°^°).
2ch often says how Rena would have been arrested a long time ago had she been a man, good to see she is aware of that.

Or did she mean instead that she was glad to be able to approaches all those girls? Who knows~ (〃ゝ∇・)ゞ♪ *fufufu*
loving that title ^_^ and yes, Rena might’ve been arrested a long time ago XD good thing she’s a girl! hahahahahha

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Matsui Rena Official Blog 25-05-2013



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

I kept giggling all day because my manager’s movements were just so cute!

When our eyes meet she makes surprised faces and starts breathing a bit roughly, agitated
It looks like she gets nervous.
Today too, at lunch, she looked troubled when our eyes met. lol

So cute and air-headed!

Churi just sent me a pic of a magazine model saying she looks like the manager.
And she actually does!
I think she also looks like HKT’s Meru-chan!
The smiling face is really similar!


Well then, I’m gonna work hard tomorrow too!

i think her manager has a thing for her hahahhaha XD i wanna see her manager!!! hehe

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Matsui Rena Mobile Mail 25-06-2013


Yaー (・ω・)ノ

Melonpan alliance will feature in the 7/1 publication of Shunkan PB~
That’s something to be grateful for, right?

If this wish I had once expressed has come reality it’s, more than anything, thanks to the environment I’m in.
I’ve to be thankful for it.

During my break today I decided to read V Jump.
But I inadvertently spotted a cute girl and got distracted.
I hope she stays arou—Oops.
Something tells me I’ll end up being shunned if I continue. (laugh)
Ah, maybe I should write some mails instead.

I want to disclose already all those, personally exciting, projects I’ve been keeping hidden~

LOL i laughed at the tag “more rainbows in her mail than the 32nd single” so true! i think Rena is the gayest among all 48 members XDDDD i’m so excited for the Melonpan Alliance’s gravure shoot! ^^ and i wanna know already those secret works!!!!  
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Miyazawa Sae hanya menjadi member SNH48 saja

Pada tanggal 24 Juni, Secara resmi Sae hanya menjadi member SNH48 saja. dan Miyazawa Sae pun mengomentari di Acc Twitternya "dengan penghapusan pos nama saya di AKB48, saya kembali ke SNH48. dukung saya terus ya"  
Miyazawa ditransfer ke SNH48 tahun lalu, namun, karena masalah terkait visa, dia tidak pernah memiliki kesempatan untuk tampil di panggung lokal
kembali ke konser AKB48 di Nippon Budoukan di bulan April, bahwa ia akan tampil lagi bersama Team K, pada saat itu dia mengungkapkan perasaannya di Blognya. "Saya merasa frustrasi dan malu untuk kembali ke AKB48, ketika saya belum belajar Cina, juga tidak benar-benar tinggal di sana, tanpa perbaikan apapun."
dan kemudian pada saat Senbatsu Sounsekyou untuk single ke 32 AKB, ia mendapat peringkat 10 dan mengumumkan bahwa ia ingin fokus pada SNH48.dan juga menjelaskan di blognya "Saya telah menemukan sesuatu yang ingin saya lakukan di Shanghai. Ketika saya mencapai itu, saya ingin kembali ke AKB48."

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AKB48 Mengumumkan Janken Tournament ke 4

AKB48 telah mengumumkan Janken Tournament ke 4 pada tanggal 18 September 2013, di Nippon Budoukan.
Berita kejutan ini dilakukan pada saat "Handshake" Event untuk Single Sayonara Crawl Kyocera Dome, Osaka. pemenang sebelumnya adalah Uchida Mayumi tahun 2010, Shinoda Mariko pada tahun 2011, dan Shimazaki Haruka pada tahun 2012 dengan masing" single  "Chance no Junban", "Ue Kara Mariko", and "Eien Pressure"

Untuk lebih lengkapnya diberitahukan nanti

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Matsui Rena Official Blog 24-06-2013

It’s Rena(ω)

The dates for the final performances of the current Stages have been decided.
It’ll be July 10th for Team S.

Even though it does feel sad now that it’s been decided, I’m excited about the new Stage starting so I really have complex feelings right now.

I wonder if everyone else is feeling like this too…

But I believe that what’s important is to face the final performance in the best possible way and to work with all our might towards the opening performance of the new Stage you voted for us.

It’s hard to renew our feelings, but I’m sure we can deal with this with all our power!
Even though right now I feel a bit gloomy…or better, confused, if I look back I realize how special the time spent until now has been, so I want to make the present just as precious as that.

I believe that this change of Teams will become a plus for SKE.
But each one of us has to aim at that in order to let it happen.

Sashihara Rino mengungkapkan Judul Single ke 32 AKB48

Ini diungkapkan oleh Sashihara Rino pada acara Fuji TV "AKB Eizou Center" dimana dia akan menempati posisi center, Judul dari Next Single AKB ini adalah "Koisuru Fortune Cookie"
Pengumuman ini dibuat oleh Sashihara sendiri, saat ia menjadi MC di acara tersebut.

Terlepas dari nama judulnya, Syuting PV ini diadakan pada tanggal 22 Juni, di Fukouka, dan bersama bantuan 3000 orang ekstra.
Rumornya, salah satu mengapa PV itu dibuat di Fukouka karena itu tempat kelahirannya Mariko Shinoda, yang akan lulus dari AKB48 tahun ini.

Single ke 32 AKB48 ini akan dirilis pada tanggal 21 Agustus 2013
Btw tadi Renanya Lucu >,< LOL

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Project Ulang Tahun Matsui Rena

Konnichiwa minna..

Sehubungan dengan ulang tahunnya Matsui Rena, @renamatsuifans akan mengadakan Project untuk ultahnya Rena nih dan kami mohon bantuan kepada kalian semua untuk turut meramaikan project ini.
berikut ketentuannya :
untuk gambar kalian + kertas ucapan selamatnya :
  1. mengirimkan foto kalian dan selembar kertas yg berisikan selamat ulang tahun bagi Rena / apapun yang penting sopan  
  2. Kalian tuliskan dikertas itu bahasa indonesia + jepang ya... Salah" dikit gak papa kok..
  3. kata2nya jgn banyak2 asal keliatan jelas dan bermakna... plus sopan!! mulai dari kata2 kalian, penampilan, foto kalian, dll..
  4. format JPG aja biar ga gede storagenya, ukurannya jg jgn gede2 asal jelas bagi yg ga eksis kertasnya taro depan muka, asal mata keliatan aja ^^
  5. 1 foto kalian aj yg dikirimkan wkwkwkwk.. XD
  6. paling gak 1-5 juli dah kumpul ya ^^
  7. Bagi yang ikut berpatisipasi dan karyanya paling menarik akan diberikan hadiah loh.. hadiahnya masih rahasia tapi XD
  8. kirimkan ke matsuirenadaisuki12@gmail.com ya ^^
Contoh : Embedded image permalink

untuk kata"nya doang :
  1. kirimkan kata" selamat ulang tahun untuk Rena sesuai apa yg dipikirkan kalian
  2. kirinkan kata" kalian ke  @renamatsuifans (nanti di favorit in)
  3. kalo bingung ngetranslate bisa tanya ke @umeda_kitarin XD  
deadline diperpanjang sampai TANGGAL 6 ya XD

*Catatan : tidak boleh menggunakan kata Aishiteru karena itu khusus hanya orang yg mau menikah saja ^^* 

Matsui Rena Mobile mail 21-06-2013



After watching HKT stage, I feel revitalized.
Everyone in Hakata is cute.
I love Suki!Suki!Skip! but watching the full version, it’s hard to repress from shouting when comes the last part, no?

Everyone is still growing, I thought today about how fun it must be to look after them while they mature.
Well, I also happen to be one of those enjoying it. (laugh)

Ah, continuing on the topic, after tonight I thought Natsu deserved to be more widely recognized.
What is that? My bias maybe?
But I looked at Natsu with attention in every song.
I really want her to shine more and more.
So much that, at some point, I ended up crying.  (laugh)

That said I’m a hako oshi! (tln : “hako oshi” is a fan supporting the whole group, every member of the group)
I love everyone in HKT!

I must make Team E a good team too!
YES! Natsu deserves to shine more! i love her! \(^_^)/ it’s really hard to choose a kami oshi in HKT XD so many cute girls that are so lovable!!! even though i said Anya is my oshi, sometimes she can be annoying and when she’s like that i shift to Natsu or to Sakura, or to Aoi-chan or to practically everyone i’m in the mood of loving lol
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Matsui Rena ameblog 19-06-2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Ameblog changed into the Utsukushii Inazuma theme!!

And Akarin went through a power up too!!

So, with today, the Ameblog run by the senbatsu members singing the 12th single - Utsukushii Inazuma - that will be released on July 17th, starts.
This time we have the appearance of Furuhata Nao-chan and Niidoi Sayaka-chan, at their first senbatsu!♪

And from today it’s possible to watch the short version of the MV on SKE48’s Youtube Channel!

This time we’re wild and sexy.
Both the song and the MV are cool and even the way of singing is kinda sexy.
I wonder if we went a bit overboard? lol

Moreover, it looks like SKE48 Request Hour 2013 was announced during today’s Stage.
The new song, the Request Hour…so many things to be excited for, right?♪

Ah, let’s expose what’s behind the first pic.

Together we turned her in the Goddess of Mercy with a thousand arms.lol


I’ll be appearing a bit into the Toukai Walker on sale tomorrow.


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5 Dome Concert

[7/20-21 Fukuoka Dome cast members]
AKB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
SKE48 Single Senbatsu Member
NMB48 Single Senbatsu Member
HKT48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei

[7/31 Sapporo Dome cast members]
AKB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
SKE48 Single Senbatsu Member
NMB48 Single Senbatsu Member
HKT48 Single Senbatsu Member
Special Guest: Maeda Atsuko

[8/22-25 Tokyo Dome cast members]
AKB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
SKE48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
NMB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
HKT48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei

[8/7-8 Kyosera Dome cast members]
AKB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
SKE48 Single Senbatsu Member
NMB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
HKT48 Single Senbatsu Member

[8/16-17 Nagoya Dome cast members]
AKB48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
SKE48 Regular Member・All of Kenkyuusei
NMB48 Single Senbatsu Member
HKT48 Single Senbatsu Member

Via : girls48.tumblr.

Matsui Rena Ameblog 13-06-2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

The start of the New Stages for the New Teams’ system has been announced yesterday.
Even though I wrote “New Stages” it’s actually about having the people supporting us choose between the Stages that us members picked up, after discussing with each other, among the Stages’ setlists that have been performed until now by the 48 Groups.

I believe people felt in many different ways about this; questioning this method, being indignated, wondering why we’re not keeping on with the current Stages or why we don’t get New original ones.

Sorry if our way of thinking wasn’t good enough and ended up disappointing you.

But we thought that, in order to have the Teams make a fresh new start, doing something completely different would allow us to release new colors and wipe away the old ones.

Moreover, it’s not like we’ve given up on a New Stage to follow Seifuku no me and Ramune no nomikata!
With being granted a new original stage still being our major interest, we want to show our charm performing already existing ones having fun with you!
As for what’s going to happen in the future, bringing Stages into out perspective, we’ve talked lots with the Staff.

We’re confident we’d be able to enjoy and work with all our might whatever the Stage we’ll perform.
And this time, we wanted you - always so kind to think about SKE - to take part in the process of creation.

The announcement was pretty sudden and I think there are many knowing only SKE songs and not being familiar with the candidate Stages.
That’s why I’m going to describe them easily on Google+. (starting to do it now here would end up making this become a way too long post)

Also, please notice that we decided on those 3 Stages after watching them and discussing with each other.
I personally like all the Stages and it’s not about which one I’d want to perform, because I’d be happy to perform any of them.
Please vote for the Stages you’d like to see.

The voting time starts on June 13 and ends on June 16.
It’s possible to vote through SKE mobile site and DMM’s site.
It’s a short time but I count on you.



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