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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today we had a hand-shake event in Nagoya’s Port Messe Nagoya!


I thought it had passed a while since I last wore this outfit but I actually wore it the other day in the Budoukan lol

These past few days were really lively so it felt like a lot passed already.

Anyway today a lot - really a lot - of people came to see me!!
So much that when I first reached my lane I got startled!!!
Also since it was during the Golden week long holiday, a lot of parents with children could come, not to mention people coming from far away!
Everyone, thank you so much!

I’m glad to know so many people wants to meet me.
A lot of fans of members of the new Team E came to me saying “We count on you!” or “Let’s do our best!”
That made me really happy!
I’d like to work hard in order to receive support not only as a single member but also as a team, at the same time.

Still, the most important thing is to make you smile.
Even just seeing the people who come shaking my hand and talk to me smiling after that is enough to make me happy.
So tomorrow as well I’ll definitely go enjoy myself!

Now going a bit back in time with another topic…

Let’s talk about yesterday’s Seifuku no me Stage in TDC Hall!


Thanks to everyone who came!
It was the first and last touring Stage with these members.
It was also the first and left Tokyo Stage with us for Riechan.
She was talking about how nervous she was to have the people from Tokyo to watch SKE’s Stage.

I had so so much fun during the Stage and as I noticed how fun I was having, every time my eyes would meet some other members’ I couldn’t avoid thinking “I guess the times it’s going to happen again could be counted…” and I suddenly got sad…so at the end of the Stage I was sobbing a bit…

Probably it’s because, I passed from having my feelings focused on E to spend these days completely thinking about S…so before I could realize it, I found myself being just as sad as the time I was separated from them…so once again I could feel how much I love Team S.
This Stage is just like a precious friend for me, so I’ll treasure it until the very end.


Via : Mahoushoujoari.tumblr.com

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