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Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning!

Here’s something I got suddenly reminded of.
Sice lately I’m constantly saying things like “Ah, so cute…" or “Nice to be so cute…" while watching anyone, Sashii, worried, asked me:

"What’s wrong with you lately!?"

It’s lack of confidence!

Everyone around me is so cute and it hits me because I want to become just as cute!
Though I do believe it’s just a feelings-related problem, so I need to feel conscious of my desire of becoming cuter!
I shall auto-suggest myself that I’m cute!!

No matter what they do, no matter what I watch, everyone looks tens of thousands of times cuter than me.

But well, being surrounded by that it’s also happiness for me… lol

Also…I want to become more cheerful!
I’m too gloomy…and I get excited over different things compared to common people lol
As the other day, in the Sapporo Dome, I was just normally talking to Churi-chan, I got like “Yeeeeeah!!!" and Sasshii and Takamina told me:

"…Have you always been that energetic…?"

But I think my tension in that moment was totally normal!!
I also end up having Yuuka-chan lightly worry about me, saying things like “Seriously, how gloomy are you usually…?"

These are the negative aspects about me.
Even though I know I should go on much more forcefully…!

So…that was me getting a bit blue as I was reconsidering my own self…
I want to get rid of my shyness and start to depend more on others!



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