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Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning.

Sorry if I basically couldn’t post at all yesterday!

From morning until night, during the rehearsal, I barely could go back in the backstage so I couldn’t post anything.

Still, by watching everyone’s rehearsal, there were so many things that charmed me or that I could learn from.

I really love Miorin’s recent performances!
There’s a variety of power and softness and the balance between them kinda catches my eyes!

Every time I happen to think something’s nice, Miorin is there!
I should learn from her!

Also, you know? I like Kashiwagi-san.
Her idol dance, the kind that makes my chest tighten when I watch it, resembles Manatsu’s Finland!

And about Manatsu’s Gyakuten Oujisama…I still haven’t watched it because I’m not enough mentally prepared yet…
As I told it to Manatsu…

…she made this face:


She was so cute!

Today there’s a concert in Sapporo Dome.
I’m going to cutely work hard!

The pic is with Mikichan rejoyiong over a cookie and…




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