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Rabu, 31 Juli 2013



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

Hey, hey, you know what?
I talked with Ryouha-chan!!!
We properly talked!!
I feel relieved.
I was insecure thinking about what I should’ve done in case she wouldn’t talk to me, but it all went fine!
However, her eyes are pure, so so so very pure that I thought I was going to be drawn into them!
The eyes of young girls are so pure that it gets hard to breathe…

I’d like to talk with other 6th gen members too!
There’s so much I want to tell them!

And no, not things like “You’re cute!", okay!?!?
I mean things related to SKE!

Okay now, I should get ready for the performance soon!
So I shall raise my mood up, so that I’ll be shining no matter where I’ll be!

Aaaaall right♪



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