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Jumat, 21 Juni 2013



After watching HKT stage, I feel revitalized.
Everyone in Hakata is cute.
I love Suki!Suki!Skip! but watching the full version, it’s hard to repress from shouting when comes the last part, no?

Everyone is still growing, I thought today about how fun it must be to look after them while they mature.
Well, I also happen to be one of those enjoying it. (laugh)

Ah, continuing on the topic, after tonight I thought Natsu deserved to be more widely recognized.
What is that? My bias maybe?
But I looked at Natsu with attention in every song.
I really want her to shine more and more.
So much that, at some point, I ended up crying.  (laugh)

That said I’m a hako oshi! (tln : “hako oshi” is a fan supporting the whole group, every member of the group)
I love everyone in HKT!

I must make Team E a good team too!
YES! Natsu deserves to shine more! i love her! \(^_^)/ it’s really hard to choose a kami oshi in HKT XD so many cute girls that are so lovable!!! even though i said Anya is my oshi, sometimes she can be annoying and when she’s like that i shift to Natsu or to Sakura, or to Aoi-chan or to practically everyone i’m in the mood of loving lol
Via : sakaeandfrog.tumblr

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