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Senin, 29 April 2013

AKB48 Groups Special General Meeting was able to end completely without any problem.
Thanks to everyone who supported us.
Whether it’s in the theatre, during hand-shake events or on a stage as big as the Budoukan one, the one thing I feel the most is gratitude towards you, after all.
Cheering and supporting words are what gives me more energy!

Today I took part in the All Groups day and night performances.
There were not unit songs during the Day Concert and it was composed by a shuffle of group songs.
SKE had the chance to sing NMB48’s Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo.
NMB’s choreographies are full of characteristic moves so they’re pretty easy to memorize.♪

As for SKE songs, we had AKB singing Pareo wa Emerald, NMB performing Oki Doki and Kiss datte hidarikiki with us, and HKT singing 1!2!3!4!Yoroshiku!
It feels weird to see other groups performing our songs!

During the Night Concert, Kashiwagi-san, Moriyasu-san and Natsu performed Ame no Pianist and I was able to learn how much a song can change depending on the members singing it.
Those 3’s Ame no Pianist felt very smooth.
It was beautiful.

I, for some reason, got to perform Nageki no Figure with Watanabe-san, Miochan and Meruchan.
It was a song I’ve wanted to perform but I felt really nervous when the time came.
You can’t stay expressionless if you don’t release all your strength, so it gets hard when you’re nervous!
I wonder if I was relaxed enough.

Moreover, we performed the new song, Sayonara Crawl, for the first time!!


The dance moves are catchy and it’s a cute song but more than everything, I want you to see the MV!!
Because it’s deeeeeefinitely going to be uber cute!
I can’t wait to see the completed version!!

There also was both happy and sad announcements, but I’m not going to write about them today.
I first wanted to genuinely convey to you how much I enjoyed the Budoukan Concert!


Via : mahoushoujoari.tumblr

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