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Senin, 29 April 2013


Good morning.

Even though it’s morning, I’m going to write about yesterday.
I know other members wrote about this too, but first of all, let me talk about Riechan and Anna’s concurrent positions.

Just as everyone else wrote, the announcement of their concurrent positions’ cancellation was just as sudden as the announcement of the concurrent  positions itself.
Both of them jumped into a new group, had to memorize the theatre performances, did a tour and appeared in the groups’ concerts.
Not only they had to manage all this, but even though they needed double the time in order to catch up with everyone else’s level, they were only granted half of it.

Expecially for Riechan…First her concurrent position was suddenly announced, then she joined the senbatsu and singed the single, experienced the Kouhaku and enjoyed the Gaishi Hall and the Budoukan Concerts with us.
If I think back at it, it’s been such a short time, but it actually took a lot for the distance between her, the members and the fans to shorten, so it’s really a pity.

The changes might be important.
Both the fact that Riechan came to us and Anna became part of AKB and all the energy they spent in order to work hard were very stimulating for all of us.
However, we can’t just change our feelings as easily as in Othello.

Just like - right after the concert - Churi said that Riechan will forever be a member of KII, she’ll also forever be a member of SKE.
I still don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep working together but I sturely want to perform more theatre Stages with her.

In addiction, it’s been decided that Nao will join AKB in a concurrent position and Ooba-san will come  here in SKE.
Everyone, I count on you for supporting the two of them and Jurina, who will continue working hard as a member in concurrent position.


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