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Jumat, 03 Mei 2013



It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today’s Te wo tsunagi nagara Stage ended up without any problem.
I’d like to write about that as well but…please let me write about Riechan’s last stage.

It was announced that Riechan - whose concurrent position was cancelled the other day - will perform her last Stage with us on the 8th.
Counting it together with the two performances we’ll do tomorrow, we only have 3 Stages left…

To be honest, it does feel too fast and it’s sad…
Do you have an idea of how wonderful would’ve been to be able to perform the closing day of the Stage with her?
Still, I do understand that it would be difficult, so I’ll just do my best treasuring the last Stages we’ll perform together.

I particularly like Riechan on stage.
Her so many expressions, the way she performs with all her might…

Let’s do this cheerfully and enjoyably!!

I’d like if, for the end, we could give a wonderful present to Riechan, who was so kind to grow to love SKE.

Well then, two Stages tomorrow!!
Let’s treasure them lots.


Via : Mahousoujoari.tumblr.com

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