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Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

*True that they’re making the same pose but Rie is also making the same expression as Kanon lol Duck lips + komarigao XD Rie trying to be a stylish nowadays idol ahahahimage
*I’ll explain everything here ;)
Both “Doki x 2 (Doki doki) de kowaresou 1000% LOVE HEY” and “2000% saikou na LOVE” are songs from the Anime called “Uta no Prince-sama”.
It’s fine not to get it if you don’t  know the anime, of course, BUT…wouldn’t it be clear anyways what she’s talking about?
Her heart beating fast today and it’s going to get worse in two weeks.
Obvious for anyone with brains…But even if you didn’t get it because, dunno, distracted or didn’t pay attention, you sure wouldn’t think something weird of it, would you?
Someone did.
And they accused Rena saying this post was supposed to be A PRIVATE MESSAGE -.-
It’s so idiot I’m getting pissed of as I write…
*Maybe they’re too stupid to get it, but Rena got pissed off too and she basically sent them to hell with her usual elegance <3
Ah, I can feel all the feelings she put in that star X°°D
Remember? ;)
*Renaaa X°D
But well, nice to know she in some way interacted with one of the few AKB members I fancy lol
*OMG if it gets popular among wrestlers I’ll die XD You can read the post here.
*Not your fault…


Via : Mahoshoujoari.tumblr.com

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