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Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

There was an individual hand-shake event in Nagoya yesterday.
Thanks to everyone who came.

My voice got hoarse in the middle of it so sorry if it was hard to understand what I was saying.
However, I had a lot of fun during the hand-shake events and my tension rose so much that I kept being like this for 2 entire days!


Yesterday’s one was the last hand-shake event for the graduated members.
It was after more or less of a while since I last met them but they almost didn’t change at all from that last day, the dressing room kept being noisy and lively, so much that I thought that this will be something that will never change…

I perceived your warmth and kindness when I heard the members’ calls.
Thank you so much.

Well then, tomorrow we’ll perform Riechan’s last stage.
I wonder if it’s going to be a moment of change for SKE.
Let’s make tomorrow’s one a wonderful, wonderful Stage that will forever remain into Riechan’s memories!!
I might end up crying, but I want to send her off smiling.


Today’s the release date for FLASH Special.


You’ll find not yet seen shots from the Karuizawa photoshoot and off-shots from the shootings of AKB’s Sayonara Crawl.
Swimsuits, Yukata, white Metel.
You’ll find lots of me in the magazine lol

Hoping I’ll soon be able to experience other wonderful shootings!

Via : Mahoushoujoari.tumblr.com

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