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Kamis, 23 Mei 2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Sorry if I’m writing again after a while.
I’m all right and spending an everyday life filled with work.

Well then…You know, I’m being very interested in Sumo wrestlers lately and as I talked about it in Nippon Housou’s Mu Comi +, it spread more and more and…

G-g-g-guess what!?!?

They created a song called:

[Mawashi wa Emerald] *the laincloth is Emerald* (I suggest you check THIS out :P)

It was recorded last week’s Sunday, by the the MC Yoshida-san together with fans who got together voluntarily because of it!!

The part of the refrain when the song says

“Something’s different from yesterday, isn’t it?”


“Something’s different from the Nagoya Tournament, isn’t it?”

The lyrics thought by the listeners are just exellent!!!!

Moreover…it even became a CD!!!


The staff did its best in order to imitate the original cover!!

It gradually gets funnier and funnier!
Funnier and funnier!

Also, aside from [Mawashi wa Emerald] they even recorded [Chanko no Dorei] (Chanko’s slave)

Both songs’ lyrics are amazing and since it’s possible to check them on Mu Comi +’s homepage, please do!♪


Ah, today’s Sayonara Crawl’s release date!
I even slightly appear on the cover so, if you’d like, please search for me!


Via : Mahoushoujoari.tumblr.com

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