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Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

The start of the New Stages for the New Teams’ system has been announced yesterday.
Even though I wrote “New Stages” it’s actually about having the people supporting us choose between the Stages that us members picked up, after discussing with each other, among the Stages’ setlists that have been performed until now by the 48 Groups.

I believe people felt in many different ways about this; questioning this method, being indignated, wondering why we’re not keeping on with the current Stages or why we don’t get New original ones.

Sorry if our way of thinking wasn’t good enough and ended up disappointing you.

But we thought that, in order to have the Teams make a fresh new start, doing something completely different would allow us to release new colors and wipe away the old ones.

Moreover, it’s not like we’ve given up on a New Stage to follow Seifuku no me and Ramune no nomikata!
With being granted a new original stage still being our major interest, we want to show our charm performing already existing ones having fun with you!
As for what’s going to happen in the future, bringing Stages into out perspective, we’ve talked lots with the Staff.

We’re confident we’d be able to enjoy and work with all our might whatever the Stage we’ll perform.
And this time, we wanted you - always so kind to think about SKE - to take part in the process of creation.

The announcement was pretty sudden and I think there are many knowing only SKE songs and not being familiar with the candidate Stages.
That’s why I’m going to describe them easily on Google+. (starting to do it now here would end up making this become a way too long post)

Also, please notice that we decided on those 3 Stages after watching them and discussing with each other.
I personally like all the Stages and it’s not about which one I’d want to perform, because I’d be happy to perform any of them.
Please vote for the Stages you’d like to see.

The voting time starts on June 13 and ends on June 16.
It’s possible to vote through SKE mobile site and DMM’s site.
It’s a short time but I count on you.



via : Mahoushoujouari.tummblr

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  1. punya kareha no station PV yg kualitas HD ??
    plissss sama chord bike to sidecar juga, udah nyari ksana kmari gk nemu2 nih XD


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