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Senin, 10 Juni 2013

First of all, I want to thank everyone supporting me.
I still haven’t organized my thoughts so I’m not sure what to start talking about, but…
I always think that, when I’m on stage, I have fans casting a spell on me.
That’s why I wrote “Cast a spell…” as a slogan on this year’s Election Poster.
No matter what happens, when I stand on the stage the fans always support me with all their might, welcome me with a smile, rejoice or get sad with me over anything.
And I believe that all that turns into confidence both for me and for the entire group.
This time I received a really wonderful present and I believe I’ve had you cast spells on me so many times that my whole life won’t be enough to use all this magic.
I’m sure that, aside from all the people here right now, there’s many other people watching this on TV.
So, please, let me convey my gratitude once again.
Thank you so much for this wonderful present.
I’ll keep working hard from now on as well.
Host: You were 29th in 2010, then you got 11th, and then 10th two times ina  row. You finally made it into the first 7, didn’t you?  Rena: I’m really happy. My fans were always so kind to keep saying “Let’s make it into the first 7, okay ?” so, every year, when my name gets called in the Sousenkyo…
During the hand-shake events after the elections, the fans act considerate towards me and say they’re sorry, so…every single year (when her name gets called), all at once I can hear those “I’m sorry” and I can see those faces…
But this time I could break through the goal - the 7th position - I’ve been chasing after together with you, so the first things I could see in my mind were the wonderful smiles of my fans.
I’m very happy.  Host: How do you intend to lead SKE from now on?  Rena:  There are also members who, even though they ranked in the preliminary results, couldn’t hear, today, their names called.
I’m sure lots of members feel frustrated right now.
And there’s also lots of them, sitting right behind me, tasting happiness.
Together with everyone, I’d like to join all those feelings and convey them to the fans.
So please, be sure to accept them!
I’m counting on you!  Host: Will you - like you stated - go on aggressively this year?  Rena: Yes, I want to go on aggressively! My current position is the 7th but I’ll absolutely get into the senbatsu for the next single as well and I’ll manage to sing sooner than usual. You know, the singing parts are generally decided from the top position and going down, so I want to work hard in order to be able to obtain a part that would let me sing sooner than usual - even if just a bit .  Host: Lastly, did you manage to gain confidence in yourself?  Rena: Yes, I gained confidence! If I was able to go through this year without making many negative speeches, is definitely because you all warmly watched over me. Next year I’d like to work so hard that I’ll  become overly self-conscious!

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