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Rabu, 26 Juni 2013


This picture came out kinda weird.
It looks like if it was from the 2D world.

Naru-chan sent me a mail today.
It said she was ready to go up on stage.
Byaaa! ←

Lately my creepiness has reached MAX level, I should really tone it down.
But you must understand that the Ego-chan who was in Naru-chan’s mail was super cute!

I also have a thing for Tsuu-chan.
I want Tsuu-chan to be my girlfriend. That’s how cute she is.
Not to forget Rion.
It’s cute how she hasn’t overcome her shyness yet.
But I tell you, our love is mu-tu-al.
I’ve to collect all my courage and beg her to wear a ponytail someday .

And then! And then! Yuuna-chan! She is so cute! She is lovely, sweating like she does. She looks like a baby but she is really ambitious, I like how earnest and resolute she is.

Ahh, it’s really a good thing that I was born a girl. I honestly think so.

I also want to talk with Yukarun from AKB and to Minapon .
Jail ヽ(^-^ヽ)♪Jail♪ヾ(^‐^)ゞ♪Jail♪(/ ^-^)/ Jail
What did I just read? Going easy on the creepiness? Well, we certainly start off on the wrong foot there, dear R~ *fufufufu*
But what better way to advertise 6th gen than by fangirling over them?! Ok, maybe there is a better way out there but that works just fine too (*°^°).
2ch often says how Rena would have been arrested a long time ago had she been a man, good to see she is aware of that.

Or did she mean instead that she was glad to be able to approaches all those girls? Who knows~ (〃ゝ∇・)ゞ♪ *fufufu*
loving that title ^_^ and yes, Rena might’ve been arrested a long time ago XD good thing she’s a girl! hahahahahha

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