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Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning.

A night passed after yesterday and finally my head, that kept being noisy, got silent.

First of all, I’m sorry if yesterday I wasn’t able to tell you the result and concey my gratitude right after the end of the Elections.

For this year’s Sousenkyo, my result is the 7th position.

I was able for the first time to rank in a one-digit position.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful present.

I did was nervous and, even though I don’t really remember the details, while I was waiting for the announcement - expecially from position 16 onwards - I couldn’t basically hear anything at all!
I just kept counting the numbers called, one by one, in my heart, chanting “one more, one more”.

When my name was called at 7th, I couldn’t feel happiness or frustration, my mind went just blank.
I believe that a speech made in such circumstances is the most honest speech possible.
I’m able to work hard because I’m having you casting spells on me.
Your feelings are my first source of energy.

I do feel a bit of frustration.
But, differently from last year’s frustration, this one is a positive and face-forwardng one, connected to my strong will.
If I’m able to think like this, is because of the way you powerfully supported my feelings of wanting to become  top.
Perceiving those feelings, I thought I shouldn’t just depend on you, but I must work harder myself!

Seen from a general point of view, I think it might be very surprising to see me at the 7th position.
That’s ‘cause I’m still generally unknown, so much that I can recognize it myself.
But this also means I have lots of chances to have people get to know me.
I’ll work hard, moving forward more ambitiously at work, so that I’ll have as many people as possible know me.
What I lack the most is popularity.
In a year from now, I’ll absolutely have even the non 48 fan people surrounding you know the name “Matsui Rena”.

Lastly, to everyone of you supporting SKE, thank you so much for the great support you showed this time.
I was very happy to see so many members standing up when their name was called.
I felt proud.

On the other hand, there were also girls whose names weren’t called, and that cried sitting on their chairs.
I’m sure they know very well that a lot of fans are supporting them .
So I believe they’ll work hard making use of this frustration, and I want to do my best together with them.

This time, from Team E, Umechan, Kanon and Kichan ranked.
I’d like to walk forward with everyone so that next year even more members will rank!
The New Team, that is still totally unknown.
That’ll be our of growth.
Together we’ll make it a team in which everyone will be able to shine.

Thank you for your support for SKE and for Team E!

I’ll work hard in order to make you happy!
Please wait for a present from us!

Via : mahoushoujouari.tuimblr.com

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