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Selasa, 04 Juni 2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

I have some news for you all!
From the June 11th issue of Shuukan SPA  I’ll start taking care of a new column, where i’ll write down thoughts about newly released movies!!
It’ll only be once a month but I’ve been given a very important space and I’ll take my chance to be myself and enjoyably write down my impressions!

Being it the Asahi newspaper or this new serialization, lately I’ve been having the chance to write a lot for work and this made me realize I’d like to write in a way that will show more and more my essence.
When I watch movies, read books and listen to music, a lot of words filled with strong individuality start flying around. I get envious of that creative power and feel like wanting to catch it up with my net!

And, as I took my time to think about the act of writing, I once again realized how the official blog, the ameba blog, the mails, Google + and Twitter are all very precious places in which I feel like I belong.
There’s always some people checking all of them out, so I want to write in order to let them enjoy and also get to know a part of my mind. 

But just as much as the ways to let what’s inside myself out increased compared to the past, the use of those ways out diminished.
And I can’t help but feel sorry about that.

There are many people so kind to say that what I do is more than enough.
But still, it’s impossible to hide how the quantity changed compared to the past.
Also, even though I know not everyone of you follows each one of my communication means, if I were to only focus on one, I’d feel bad for the the people checking out all the others…
(might actually seem funny for me to say this and then write it all only here, though…)

Every single place that allows me to communicate, is a very important way for me to connect with you all.
So, from now on as well, I want to keep and enjoy this balance.

It’s the inside of my mind, with typos, omitted words, huge jumps that might end up making me leave lots of people behind, but from now on as well I plan on writing it down, bit by bit, in order to let you get to know it.  (tln: I love this sencence)

I’ll proceed at my own pace, but please,

keep taking care of me.


Via : Mahoushoujouari.tumblr.com

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