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Selasa, 02 Juli 2013


It’s Rena(・ω・) 

After coming back safely to Japan, I’m having the chance to go through many work experiences 
It’s been a whirlwind overseas tour but I really had a lot of fun.
However, apparently I used to look very young overseas, so much that in a shop I’ve been asked “Where’s your mother?" lol

Well then, now I shall talk a bit about these two magazines currently on sale.


20SWEET and Shuukan Playboy

Let’s start with 20 sweet.

This magazine is all about 19\20\21 years old women.
I’ve had the pleasure to be called for the first time and I even had the privilege to be in charge of the cover and the opening pages!
It made me really happy.
Since I’m almost 22, I think this was my first and last…
Hm…now that I say it myself I kinda feel sad about it.

The shootings were set in an old coffee lounge.
All the furniture and props were overflowing with the feel of time and had a very intense taste, creating a place with a really relaxing atmosphere I quite liked.


I faced the shootings trying as much as I could to adapt to the place’s atmosphere but…Aku no Hana’s Nakamura-san and Saeki-san would suddenly come to mind so I ended up doing the shootings holding on to  overflowing feelings of disorder and confusion.  lol

My legs in this pic are so like Nakamura-san and I like it quite a lot. 

As for the interview, it became a long one with me talking about SKE and myself basing in all on the Elections.

Next is…Shuukan Playboy!

It’s been the very first photo-shoot for the Melon Pan Doumei, but…

…with a sudden and unexpected announcement of disbandment!

I’ve talked about it inside as well but yeah…
On July 7 Fukumoto Aina-chan will graduate and without her - who’s been a member ever since the start of the Alliance - it kinda feels as if something important will be missing. Or better…we came to the conclusion that the Melon Pan Doumei is what it is only with all its members in it so we chose the road of the disbandment.

I’m really really sorry that we betrayed the expectations of all the fans looking forward to the announcement.
But what makes ys the happiest is that, through the Melon Pan, we managed to become friends overcoming the barrier of being in different groups.

Moreover, we could reach our goal of eating Mt.Fuji’s Melon Pan!
I have no regrets.


Even after the disbandment I’ll be loving Melon Pan, and nothing will change on the fact that we’ll all be close.
The Melon Pan Doumei is eternal and immortal.

What was shocking is that Shuukan Playboy decided to dedicate to this article 10 pages!!
I’m very grateful.
There’s an Interview, a round-table discussion, Sakura and more…so please be sure to check it♪


This pic.
Side benefits for me.



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