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Selasa, 02 Juli 2013



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

Today I renewed the promise of going out shopping with Yucchan.
A promise that doesn’t look like it’s going to come to realization any time soon…

It’s that…I feel like I - who don’t usually do things like going out having fun - would just end up leaving everything in Yucchan’s hands…
Even today! I’ve been asked “What do you usually do to enjoy yourself?" and I answered “Well…nothing actually" lol
It’s that I always end up wondering around wanting to read manga or watch anime or movies, you know?
So I wonder what does going out to have some fun actually mean…

Going to Disneyland with Churi-chan counts as having fun, after all…
Aside from that there’s…going to eat, I guess.

That’s how I am…

Ahhh…if only it was Disney I could go have fun forever!!
Right now I so truly want to ride the Jungle Cruise! 
I want to go to the jungle with many different ship’s captains!! 
They’re currently celebrating Tanabata in Disneyland.
I’m sure the park must look beautiful.
I clearly remember how I went there 5 years ago in the Tanabata period…

I miss that time in which I used to visit Disneyland so often!

Ahhh I strayed from the main topic! lol
Anyway, I hope my promise of a date with Yucchan will become true!♪


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